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Example sentences for gypsum

But standing in the middle of the largest gypsum field in the world, you may feel as if you are on another planet.
There are examples of the use of gypsum plaster vessels at this time, however.
The surface of the plain is covered with fine dark pebbles that overlie a white gypsum base.
Researchers have found a bright vein of gypsum, a mineral that could only have been deposited by water.
The halls and walkways throughout this inactive gypsum mine show evidence of the previous tenant's trade.
After all, the chance to be a columnist is nearly as miraculous as finding a kitten in a gypsum factory.
The robots are made of gypsum powder and a binding agent, and have a high-impact plastic feel.
The power plant's sulfur-dioxide scrubber produces gypsum as a by-product, which is used by a nearby wallboard manufacturer.
They're dusting animal paths with gypsum powder so they can quantify the footprints of anything that walks by.
Sinkholes can occur when underground rocks that can be dissolved by water-such as salt, gypsum, and limestone-are inundated.
Oil lamps and incense burners are also made from gypsum or alabaster, a lightly tinted form of gypsum.
At the school's entrance admire the exquisite decorative gypsum panels.
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