guttering in a sentence

Example sentences for guttering

Perhaps that spark you once had is guttering and you're looking to rekindle a relationship.
The guttering fire in the hearth threw irregular shadows into the room.
Make concrete repairs on curbs, guttering, sidewalks and driveway entrances.
Metal guttering with two downspouts is attached, on this elevation only.
Galvanized guttering, painted white, forms cornices above the first and second floor levels.
Clamp-type connectors shall only be used for the connection of the roof conductor to the air terminal and to the guttering.
Integral guttering system within skylight framing members for positive drainage of condensation.
The rail bed rests on a rock ballast floor flanked by guttering.
New electrical wiring, a new heating unit and copper guttering is installed.
The contractor will continue with guttering, pouring curbs and putting down binder.
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