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Example sentences for gutter

There are two types of gutter systems you can install: aluminum and vinyl.
It takes a second, but their minds as much in the gutter as ours are, and it hits home.
Set the barrel up next to your gutter and mark where you need to cut to make the downspout flow directly into the inlet hole.
They huddle in small groups, cloaks pulled over their heads, in an open gutter.
One suggesting that lending a hand to someone in the gutter might be the same as helping a friend.
Together they provide a striking testament to how long people have been throwing their garbage into the gutter of this city.
Never mind if that gutter is streaming from a cloudburst.
Time to finally hold the gutter tabloids accountable for the pollution they produce.
Damaged gutter sections should be patched or replaced.
Jane would have thought it a descent into the gutter.
Li occurred amid a nationwide crackdown on so-called gutter oil that has transfixed, and repulsed, the nation.
Gutter will absolutely help this situation as will some good neighborly talking to the neighbors.
You're repeatedly dragged from the comedic gutter up to the high ground and back again.
They whitewash ledges and pick at filthy crumbs in the gutter.
He was found muttering incoherently in a gutter there, and admitted to the hospital where he died.
Lying in the gutter were half a dozen simple tools-a socket wrench, a few screwdrivers, a claw hammer.
Each module is made of rows of aluminum troughs, each about the width and depth of a gutter.
Perhaps you are right, and nobody will deny that the gutter tabloids can be vindictive.
As everyone knows examples of extremely bright people spawned from the gutter.
To simplify reinstallation, measure and record the highest and lowest points along a gutter trough before removing it.
Feces clotted the gutter outside a ward where urine pooled under metal cots without mattresses.
Compost fiber sock used as a curb and gutter inlet protection.
The curb and gutter are located at the edge of the street pavement.
The fascia board for gutter support should either be removed or the gutter permanently installed.
Due to their design without curb and gutter, walkways may work well with natural drainage features.
They are also typically less expensive to install than a traditional sidewalk with curb and gutter.

Famous quotes containing the word gutter

I have a huge need for financial security; the emigrant in me has a fear of ending up homeless and in the guttermore
Listen to me. You come into this town, and you think you're headed somewhere, don't you? You think you're gonna get ther... more
What're you always trying to push me in the gutter for, Dixon? I got as much right on the sidewalk as you h... more
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