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Example sentences for gutted

With a physics department so gutted, the engineering programs' accreditation is the next likely candidates for elimination.
Well they have been totally gutted by the power of the medical lobby.
Glad to hear the midnight resolutions are being gutted.
Some buildings remained standing while their innards were gutted.
Now it's been mothballed, gutted, and put up for sale.
The salmon, still gleaming but now headless and gutted, journeyed by boat to the same place.
At the time of writing, the shop was undergoing renovations, having been completely gutted to redesign the space.
The lower floor offices of city hall and the police department have been gutted by fire.
To hear some tell it, file sharing gutted the music industry by encouraging people to gorge themselves on free, illegal content.
He gutted the insides and devised a way to fit existing electronics inside it.
For decades the old system has ossified and been gutted by caps on property taxes.
The copy shop had been completely gutted, the wooden beams charred and swollen into a kind of delicate filigree.
Speculators were buying up even gutted shells, even tenements so unsound they would require a fortune to fix.
Fifty years later, almost all were gutted by the internal-combustion engine, which enabled people and jobs to move to the suburbs.
The interior has been ransacked by rebels and gutted by looters.
The values of your home and your savings have been gutted.
The cod are gutted, heavily salted and packed in barrels.
Communist-era buildings that used to house workers at an animal-feed factory, now abandoned, lie ruined and gutted.
His bill made it through a committee, but was gutted.
When you are afraid of losing your job, when the values of your home and your savings have been gutted, caution is to be expected.
Yes, the premiums on your gutted plan will be going up.
The creators are neither protected nor rewarded and the free flow of ideas is gutted for the pockets of a few.
We use viruses that have been gutted of all their viral genes and use them as vectors.
But they bought it, gutted it, added on and rearranged.
Before renovation began the inside of the building was gutted and all materials that could not be reused or saved were discarded.
The interior has been gutted, windows removed and the pitched roof demolished.
The building design is a mix of townhomes and flats that will be completely gutted and rehabbed.
The house was gutted to its exterior walls and a steel and concrete structure inserted within.
To help the project stay within budget, staff moved out of the building so that the interior could be gutted all at once.
One unit was gutted, three others had heat and smoke damage, the rest of the apartments had a heavy smoke odor.

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