gutsy in a sentence

Example sentences for gutsy

The photos here show the gutsy excursions of these field researchers.
For one thing, not all startups make great, gutsy choices and end up changing the world.
He doesn't want to think about how tired he is, or that teaching is a mental combat sport, as well as a gutsy performance art.
Those gutsy enough to swoop can enjoy rich pickings.
He is a gutsy, earthy, wilful leader whose style is to listen before making up his mind and then dominate.
In fact, they made one gutsy move for which they got little credit in the press.
The best dishes are direct and true, with clear flavors enhanced with gentle and occasionally gutsy seasonings.
But now a small number of gutsy chiropractors are themselves speaking out against anti-vaccination doctrine.
They're an intriguing bunch, who combine a kind of raw experience and world-weariness with gutsy, un-pretty uses of the body.
Gutsy move, since you exited the stage two minutes later.
Betting your whole retirement nest-egg at your age is truly gutsy.
The development of the frontier clearly depended on the industry, energy, and gutsy persistence of myriad individuals.
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