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But this process is entirely intuitive, based as much on gut feel as on a good understanding of the dynamics of the audience.
Create your goals and your strategy, and go with your gut.
My gut says one thing, my brain says something else.
Gut contents from one beast suggest that it scavenged sharks and perhaps even attacked them.
Paleontologists may have even found gut contents still inside the body of a tyrannosaur.
Blackjack players don't stand or draw on gut reaction.
He acts from gut instinct to further his own and his investors' interests.
Also, our gut is not set up for processing raw items as effectively as cooked food.
Instead, there is a replica of an existing individual-and that's disturbing at a gut level.
Another theory posits that the gut leakage triggers a harmful immune response.
Pressure and gut are metaphors as well, but a reader isn't likely to notice them.
But more than my fright at the complexity of her game was another reaction, this one in my gut.
It's a toss-up between my gut reaction and the likelihood of the student coming after me with a bat.
Her last meal-fruit-was still preserved in her gut millions of years after she ate it.
Natural materials, such as animal gut or silk, once dominated the market.
IF your gut tells you not to pay your own way this time around, then don't.
The world put itself on a course to gut ocean ecosystems, with devastating consequences.
Drink water to push vittles to the small intestine and free up your gut.
And fishermen continue to curse the marauders that gut their quarry, leaving nothing to reel in but lips and gills.
The biggest problem is that all of this inconvenience is based on a gut feeling.
My gut tells me that he got canned for larger reasons.
For others, the sight of a solar panel invading a pristine desert environment is gut wrenching.
My gut instinct now is it is something in the breed.
If your gut tells you it is something more, go to the therapist.
My gut feeling as someone who knows a bit of physiology is that it should.
They are also prone to a higher incidence of colic than larger breeds, possibly because of their shorter gut.
Toxic strains of a common gut microbe are multiplying.
There is a lot of free advice floating around graduate school, but always remember to go with your gut.
The strain produces proteins that help it stick to food, and to the human gut.
Second, it is possible that the body could misinterpret some substances absorbed from the gut as allergens during a fever.
First off, you need to practice this because everyone's gut is different.
It's my gut to eat them fresh since that seems to be a major perk of growing them.
The blood enters the mosquito's gut, where the virus pries open the gut cells and makes copies of itself.
The rudiment of the heart is situated immediately below the fore-gut and consists of a short stem.
They carried bows, strung with zebra gut, and arrows of which the wooden tips were poisoned.
That's why polls are good gut checks, but bad public policy beacons.
My gut says that age has much more to do with long-term jobless trends than educational attainment.
The gut explanation here is simply that shoppers are much more willing this year to spend than they were last year.
Before you call your financial adviser to announce that you're replacing him with lunar calendar, let's gut check.
Basically, trust your gut, but be a little extra cautious.
My gut feeling is that it's also a concern of people who have not needed help.
Foreman was somehow able to gut out the eighth round and even landed some solid blows.
They are that gut instinct to fight back from the radical side.
The reality of genocide may be easy to grasp at a gut level, yet its definition is complex.
Suppose your husband dies from a gunshot to the gut and you end up liking your second husband even better.
Confronting his enlarging gut, he promises to make his ten-mile round-trip commute by bike, not car.
Some, particularly those that live in the gut, stop their host absorbing food.
First: that it is gut instinct, natural, a part of human history.
Much work lies ahead, and many more gut churning headlines lie in our future.
If your gut tells you a certain player is bound for a career year, make sure you draft him.
Organizing a professional conference can be gut-wrenching.
Domestic cats remain largely carnivorous, and have evolved a simple gut appropriate for raw meat.
Gut instinct has helped us survive over the course of human evolution.
Admire the immensely powerful falls, amid the blast and spray and percussive, gut-thumping crash of exploding white water.
The slug's highly branched gut network engulfs these stolen bits and holds them inside slug cells.
Balancing these arguments, my current gut instinct is that there is room for improvement but it may often be fairly small.
When gut flora are severely out of whack, toxins are produced instead of proper nutrients and the gut lining gets damaged.
Initial gut flora development occurs because babies eat mum's poo during birth.
They've used the software to find insights on the socioeconomic impact of obesity, bacteria in the gut and baseball.
Thunder rumbled from one side of his gut to the other.
Something clicked in my head, and in my gut or maybe my uterus.
Few war memorials evoke deep, gut-wrenching emotion.
They drag him into the canoe, gut him quickly, and load him.
Your hams get skinnier-but that's all right, because your gut gets fatter.
My gut feeling is that chronic pain, is an autonomic nervous system learned response.
In mice that ate the raw potatoes, the toxin bound cells in the gut and triggered the production of antibodies against cholera.
And my gut feeling today, that is what is happening today with the financial crisis.
Most every one in their gut knows that those situations are wrong.
Different cultures around the world have starkly contrasting diets and their gut bacteria are different too.
The devastating derangements of autism also show up in the gut and in the immune system.
It was not enough for evolution to shrink our gut and shift our diet.
The gut is not the only place where bacteria are important.
The notion that a small gut requires cooking is simply nonsense.
Current consensus pins the blame on an immune overreaction to normal gut flora.
Some gut bacteria have borrowed their seaweed-digesting genes from other microbes living in the coastal oceans.
Tapeworms that might have ended up in the gut of a hyena or a lion ended up in the gut of our ancestors instead.
The gut is also loaded with cannabinoid receptors that can act as brakes on the urge to eat.
But there was no proof, nothing to go on, merely gut reactions.

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