gusset in a sentence

Example sentences for gusset

Good for granite: breathable, abrasion-resistant stretch nylon and an inseam gusset.
Calf leather lining in the heel and ankle area and a leather tongue and gusset grip the feet snugly to ensure a great fit.
Inseam gusset and center back hem slits for mobility.
The side-elastic waistband and gusset detail give you room to move.
The gusset plate was digitized from shop drawings to generate the dimensions.
Their connections are secured with riveted gusset plates.
Connecting gusset plates can be designed with notches that will tear out with the member.
Slotted tubes with all-around welding of gusset plate will not be permitted.
The gusset plates should be bolted to the girder web in regions of high tension stress range.
The gusset plate thicknesses and overall size are well below typical gussets used currently.
Gusset plates will be welded at each upright to rail intersection.
Selected gusset plates at truss connections require strengthening.
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