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Example sentences for gush

And all this was accomplished without sentimental gush or rhetorical bluster.
These emotions must gush forth to keep both job seekers and job finders honest.
All gush from the same enormous reservoir of combustible rage.
These channels may allow water to gush suddenly from one lake to another.
If so, that would explain why oil continues to gush from three distinct locations on the sea floor.
If there is some liquid soap mixed in with the hydrogen peroxide, steamy foam will gush out of the container.
He seems tired and a little distracted, hardly in the mood to gush.
Though they don't understand how these magic boxes work, they can gush over the sleek shapes.
All these costs would not matter if revenues were about to gush forth.
Steam, ash, and molten rock may gush out through the volcano.
Reporters gush about the new complexes, calling them symbols of the changing face and growing power of pachinko.
Across the street from my house, there was a gush of the most.
Her fans gush and fawn over advice found in any dime store financial planning book for dummies.
The singing lanterns compete with a gush of new releases on the same theme.
But here is a matter of the highest subjectivity, and objections are sure to gush forth.
When asked what is the main reason for their success, executives invariably gush about the quality of their customers.
They've taken months and months to act, while millions of gallons more gush out.
Finally, she takes a razor to her arm, and the resultant flash of pain and gush of blood release her from the spell of detachment.
And, because of the gags that gush from it, it is a constantly amusing thing to hear.
Following a rain, waterfalls gush down the valley walls.
They will gush for only half an hour or so, for the plumbing that operates them is ancient.
Slowly, however, the news seeped and then began to gush out as the other face of oil.
Bill would certainly know how to gush at a gusher gone haywire.
He may feel more obliged to use it if you gush over the fragrance when you hand it to him.
He doesn't gush about balsamic reductions or rarefied vintages.
Flames and smoke gush from the hot metal as he tempers it in a bucket of oil.
Barry stepped forward to take care of the congratulatory embraces, the manful back-thumping, the gush.
When the can is suddenly opened, much of the remaining dissolved gas comes out of solution in a gush.
Volcanoes spew molten lava, moving tectonic plates produce earthquakes and geysers emit a gush of boiling water.
So the injection of one medium-sized bubble could suddenly free the entire liquid to gush out without further gurgling.
It's ok to gush a bit about the company and the opportunity this presents to you.
Water will gush out of the hydrant at full water pressure, causing a huge drop in water pressure at all buildings on the block.

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