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Example sentences for gurgling

Most everyone knows that stress can cause a clenched, gurgling, unhappy stomach.
With this gurgling volcano of active internal organs, the body has a critical need to dissipate heat to the surroundings.
It was even possible to hear the faint gurgling of a small stream.
Amid the gurgling of pine sap and slow flexing of the trees can be heard a stream of chirps: the calls of pinyon engraver beetles.
The fire had crumbled down to greyness, and one of the lamps made a gurgling appeal for attention.
The sweet fresh garden-scent came through the open window, and the birds were busy flitting and alighting, gurgling and singing.
But he was drinking water from a spring which flowed gurgling close by.
Then he rode up to the abyss where the water, gurgling gruesomely, was beginning to flood his home village.
Such vehicles can be relied on to consume the day's rationed drinking water in their gurgling radiators.
The show opens in the dark to the swampy sounds of crickets chirping and water gurgling.
Somewhere it was still running, gurgling out of a pipe where protesters had torn the plumbing out of the walls.
Wake up to the sound of gurgling falls and majestic mountain slopes.
They wandered around the gurgling hole in the ground, or sat on benches.
The gurgling water makes its own soft music, with rustling leaves and an ensemble of bird calls as accompanists.
We took a rowboat to an area left bare by the tide, then trekked a few hundred yards to a gurgling stream.
Mud boils up in the hottest spots, making odd gurgling sounds.
There was only the sick gurgling sound of air trying to push its way through the blood that was filling his lungs.
Garotting, slicing, puncturing and chopping are filmed at close range and accompanied by gurgling sounds.
If you place a stethoscope to the trunk of a smooth barked tree, you can hear the spring sap gurgling as it rises.
Makes gurgling sounds when left alone and when playing with you.
When air bubbles are caught, they make the gurgling and growling sounds.
They went over to investigate and heard a gurgling noise.
So the injection of one medium-sized bubble could suddenly free the entire liquid to gush out without further gurgling.
The pleasing song is composed of a rich, bubbling series of gurgling phrases, with each note given on a different pitch.
Song: a rising jumble of twittering, gurgling and chattering notes descending toward the end.

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