gunk in a sentence

Example sentences for gunk

The leaves can gunk up the fan mechanism and snow that turns to ice can cause problems with either rust or expansion.
Food particles and water are spun off as a creamy gunk that he removes with a rag.
The light-killing blackness makes for delicate balances of impenetrable gunk and infinite depth.
The increase in pressure expels the water in the mouth cavity and whatever gunk may be floating in it.
And the greedy generation of gunk hypotheses through senseless pattern recognition is a hindrance to that.
Half the resultant gunk is then put into the ramekins and allowed to set in the refrigerator.
It breaks down the gunk on oven surfaces, neutralizing some fatty acids and turning others into grease-cutting solvents.
Used for millennia to congeal soy milk into tofu, this gunk has hundreds of applications.
But unless you have a history of ear infections, that gunk is generally innocuous.
Lungs-to-sinuses clogged up with gunk, which fortunately has not yet turned green.
It can take a little time, but the gunk should come off without removing the paint.
Somehow the school doesn't feel the need to gunk up its name to reflect this aspect of its makeup.
It's an old-fashioned word describing the kind of gunk the universe might have been made of before it big-banged.
Expect to be involved with some intensive cleaning of two weeks worth of fish gunk.
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