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They could hear gunfire and could see puffs of smoke in the city.
It was already midnight, and he was listening to the noise of heavy gunfire, four streets away.
In the period of three to four seconds during which the shutter remained open, the camera clearly captured the furious gunfire.
He could only see his two daughters move, hunching down to avoid the gunfire.
Yet gunfire erupted in some movie houses on opening night.
Gunfire, and its effects, had long ago woven itself deeply into the soldiers' days.
One early morning, as they camped on a rock face they were ascending, gunfire shattered the dawn.
Some were felled by gunfire, others by poisoned arrows.
The gunfire begins in the afternoon and goes on all through the twilit night.
Rebels, missing limbs, gunfire for days-it was awful.
There are also more frequent reports of sporadic gunfire.
Suddenly the clatter of gunfire echoed down the hallway.
Already, there were reports of gunfire, heard around the presidential palace.
Several times he had to lie down on the floor of his office to get out of the range of gunfire.
All the while, however, the sound of local gunfire distracted him.
Hearing gunfire, she had a colleague throw keys to her from down the hallway.
Thankfully, there hasn't been gunfire since yesterday evening.
Fog machines and speakers fill the buildings with smoke and the sounds of gunfire or barking dogs.
The department hopes to distinguish not only types of gunfire, but human voices crying for help.
There's blood, people die from explosions, gunfire and being stabbed.
The constant sound of gunfire is reverberating throughout the venue.
Talking to people on the street is not the best idea in the middle of the night when there's automatic gunfire and no electricity.
The sound of gunfire is still reverberating in my head.
Gunfire and explosions were reported from the upper storeys of the building.
Many thousands went onto the streets, to be met by a volley of gunfire.
News of its fall induced a surfeit of celebratory gunfire.
Many have offered shelter in their homes to those fleeing the gunfire on the streets.
Courage is more than storming beaches under machine gunfire.
They then made it look as if they had killed him in an exchange of gunfire as he was digging a hole for a roadside bomb.
It also explains why fashion shows and golf matches take place to the sound of sputtering gunfire.
The witnesses said gunfire was exchanged in the melee, including from people shooting from rooftops.
Wars of words accompany sporadic gunfire ricocheting over the border.
Not that anybody thinks soldiers who are not defending their homeland are more likely to cut and run at the sound of gunfire.
Blood-feuding, as marked by the ratchet of gunfire in the unbroken gloom of night, is routine.
Party offices have been raked with gunfire, campaign posters torn down or defaced.
The network says gunfire appears to be warning shots from the military above the heads of the protesters.
Residents said that heavy gunfire has shaken the city during the night for several days.
He heard a second burst of gunfire and began running.
The aluminum-foil antennas, however, did collapse miserably from the real gunfire.
The suspect died shortly thereafter during an exchange of gunfire with other officers on the scene.
Upon arrival, officers discovered two males wounded from apparent gunfire.
Moments later, a citizen also phoned in to report the sound of gunfire at that location.
US citizens should stay indoors, in a ground floor interior room, if gunfire or explosions occur nearby.
According to investigators, two white males had a confrontation outside of the residence where both parties exchanged gunfire.
Although a witness reported hearing gunfire, no one was injured by a bullet.
Also, there were teams working with naval gunfire and beach artillery.
The troopers made contact with the enemy early the next morning, receiving a hail of rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire.

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