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My friends' dads worked shifts out on the oil rigs in the gulf.
Key to the gulf's productivity are its marshes, the nurseries of the sea.
The gulf between these mind-sets is wide.
The gulf between his reputation abroad and his predicament at home is amazing.
It doesn't matter how big the gulf in users is if neither of them make any money.
And the gulf between political rhetoric and financial reality is often vast.
This inevitably caulks up the gulf separating advertising and the newsroom.
In Florida (on the gulf side) they hatch in the spring.
And straightway, grown dim on the gulf, passed the isles he passed never again.
It can bridge the gulf between empirical fact and intuitive insight.
Many findings reveal the gulf between expectations and reality.
For example, the spewing oil in the gulf is a problem that could use a creative solution.
There are also revealing details of shortcomings and grandstanding in the gulf response.
It is one more proof of the wide gulf by which, in spirit and in total effect, the two poems are divided.
Casual gossip says that his style by its obscurity has fixed the gulf there.
The result is a great gulf of understanding between the people who produce food and those who eat it.
News photographers have bridged this technological gulf more easily than other professionals.
There seems, as is often the case in colleges, to be a huge gulf between academia and reality.
They were not completely lies, but these represented the real gulf that existed between the two.
The gulf between the rights granted and the performance expected is bridged by the responsibility of the members.
There is an immense gulf between the atomic and hydrogen bombs.
At no time in history has the gulf between rich and poor been so wide.
Rather it's the gulf between wealthy countries and poor countries.
Otherwise, the gulf between what they import and what they can replace with their own production is too great to be bridged.
But slowly the gulf created by our ages began to shrink.
He set out to plug the gap, specifically seeking evidence of a spawning ground of jumbo squid in the gulf.
It took humans more than three days to bridge that gulf from one of those clumps of pixels to the other.

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