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Hopefully, the book's re-appearance in slightly new guise will help its ideas gain an even wider audience.
Coffeehouse flavor in a new guise.
Parker would slip into the guise of his alter ego, Spenser, cooking in his kitchen.
Then reality hit, and it came under the guise of the economy.
They slip into a guise of modesty that is not their default position.
But, as we all know, I'm happy to play with anyone in any guise.
Even guys on the runway got the fur treatment, in the guise of coats and vests.
Mature people can't condone violence under any guise.
One who betrays another under the guise of friendship.
So a lot of that stuff goes under the guise of energy independence.
It's falls under the guise of educating the profession.
The beauty of the book clubs is that, under the guise of discussing characters in a book, you can express your own feelings.
Biological warfare research facilities can be concealed in the guise of legitimate biotechnical or medical laboratories.
The film smuggled its politics in under the guise of two happy-go-lucky gals taking a road trip together.
It is under this guise only that the product has been bonded for universal export.
Jazz, in the guise of music is both anodyne and stimulant to the afflicted.
But in you guys, it takes on the guise of a pronoun.
There is zero science in this study it is political propaganda in the guise of science.
Clever effort to sneak in gender bigotry in the guise of scientific discussion.
And disguising consumption, even promoting it under the guise of social good, should not be the way to decrease social inequities.
His mind, quick to don the guise of modernity, was impervious to its spirit.
Some of these thoughts of mine have seen the light before in other guise.
Unfortunately, much of the rest of social science is advocacy in the guise of science.
Fanaticism under the guise of science is still fanaticism.
Now the term is being resurrected in a different guise.
She took the guise of a web-focused real estate mogul.
Fiends in human guise greeted the dawn by wailing for half an hour on didgeridoos.
In its current guise, the great market shake-up may in fact do little to spark new capacity.
Local food lets farming lobbies campaign against imports under the guise of environmentalism.
First of all, there is no guarantee that violence will not reappear under a different guise.
But in a market where one firm is king, such practices can take on a sinister guise.
Fallacy is a false argument in the guise of studying the true logic, especially of philosophy and mathematics.
Sometimes this fear-and this blackmail-comes dressed up in the guise of good manners and multiculturalism.
To achieve these goals, he uses the techniques of propagandists, but he masquerades them in the guise of responsible scholarship.
It is likely to involve eurobonds in one guise or another.
In the guise of news, radio and television relay the official lies.
So they reach for an old, discredited instrument: lawlessness in the guise of law.
Guise stated it could simply say from a certain property extending eastward to the intersection at a certain road.
Guise questioned if the major components for the zoning ordinances have been completed.
We'll miss her in casting, but we'll find her in another guise.

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