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Example sentences for guilty

Skilling were found guilty of fraud and conspiracy today.
Powers endured a high-publicity trial and was found guilty of espionage.
Willard was found guilty and hanged shortly afterward.
The ballplayer was found guilty of battery, but a friendly judge suspended his sentence.
It turns out that there was a transcript kept of the trial, but when he was found not guilty they never printed it up.
Groups found guilty of hazing can lose university recognition, funds, and use of campus facilities.
He was tried and found guilty at the time, but not definitively convicted.
The judicial officials could now each face a spell of ten years behind bars, if found guilty.
He was, as the court martial found, absolutely guilty as charged.
The jury found the two arson defendants guilty, but the judge handed down lenient sentences.
The defendant was found guilty, but he eventually received a retrial and a life sentence.
It has frequently been found guilty or has had to make substantial payments to settle cases brought against it.
They are trying to foment a revolution, and they don't feel guilty about that, not one bit.
She gave me a guilty smile as she wrapped up the leftovers for later.
Hogan pleaded guilty to felony bank robbery last month.
He was accused of hyperbole but seems, rather, to have been guilty of understatement.
Jurors look at testimony and judge whether a defendant is guilty or not guilty.
Instead, he says, the seven are guilty of negligence because they did not take the risk of a big quake seriously enough.
Always felt too guilty to do so because of what it cost.
All they need to prove is reasonable doubt, and there are plenty of guilty people that can do that.
The seller has since pled guilty and is scheduled to be sentenced later this year.
When the guilty party finally came forward, she treated him gently but firmly.
And that song happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine, so that's a plus in my book.
Now there are so many choices, you almost feel guilty if you lounge on a deck chair and read a book.
She sometimes screams at her children for no reason and then feels guilty.
And many subsequently plead guilty after charges are reduced, which is why so many do not go on to contest the case.
He also admits to occasionally taking guilty pleasure in seeing weak teachers get bad ratings.
Some prosecutors deliberately overcharge to encourage suspects to plead guilty on lesser counts.
The guilty are alarmed and turn pale at the slightest thunder.
For whoever meditates a crime is guilty of the deed.
The judge is condemned when the guilty are acquitted.
He who conceals an useful truth is equally guilty with the propagator of the injurious falsehood.
The college had pleaded guilty, and tried to reform.
She wept so bitterly for the smallest faults, that others would have thought her guilty of grievous crimes.
The judge is condemned when the guilty is acquitted.
Lately, the backcountry has become so sanctified that you feel a little guilty for using it at all.
Don't make someone feel guilty for showing up with a non-local dish.
Parents shouldn't feel guilty about prenatal screening.
He has cooperated entirely with the authorities, and has pled guilty.
When thieves start to feel guilty or feel they might get arrested they tend to destroy the evidence.
However, if one of their own neocon comrade is established guilty using the method, they will deny that techniques works.
All that will do is make them feel guilty and then rebel.
If you live in the industrialized world, you are guilty.
The modern societies feel guilty for their suffering and send them food to prevent starvation.
First, the legal system makes many mistakes, and all who are convicted are not necessarily guilty.
We live in a society of laws and the law requires proof before it finds someone guilty.
To say that none but the perp are guilty means that nobody has a legal or moral duty to intervene or report this behavior.
He pled not guilty, but he believed that guilt was always a matter of motive and intent.
We humans are guilty of so so many destructive things, ocean pollution being one of them.
Local officials often turn a blind eye to abuses, and when they do act, punishment for the guilty is light.
If you feel guilty about burning food for fuel, there is an excellent solution: buy some grain and donate it to the needy.
Nobody bothered to find out who manipulated those prices either, so the guilty is still at large and waiting to pounce again.
But a writer who works with deep insight and truthful purpose can never be guilty of a lack of decency.
He was not guilty of whatever the officers suspected of him.
It was a defendant who had pled guilty to an income tax violation.
Successful venture and growth funds create something out of nothing, and hence, could not be guilty of destroying jobs.
Spending money to replace something that works would make me feel wasteful and guilty.
It caters to those who feel guilty at spending money on vanity or who enjoy being abused.
He insisted upon his innocence in the deaths of his children and refused an offer to plead guilty in return for a life sentence.
Neil worries that she feels guilty for his life, then that she is trying to make him feel guilty for hers.
She feels guilty because she has no warm feelings for him.
The chief public reaction to the verdict, which was not guilty by reason of insanity, was outrage.
The jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty.
Kern, the absentee owner of fifty acres, felt guilty at the rarity of his visits.
She stares at him with her mouth wide open, waiting for him to feel guilty.
It was they who felt guilty and revolted by these practices, which they now deeply regret.
She doubts he feels the slightest remorse over what he has done, nor does she believe he truly thinks he is guilty of anything.
And, when considering the guilty party, there will always be an element of uncertainty.
Whether they really are guilty or not is no concern of mine.
The clients are usually guilty of heinous murders, and almost always come from brutally depressed and violent backgrounds.
If any member of our party is guilty in that matter, you know it or you do not know it.
It must enable the government efficiently to try those prisoners it can show guilty of war crimes.
He pleads guilty to the misstep but he says it had no successor.
Academics, we've already decided, are sadly unfamiliar with guilty pleasures.
Don't feel guilty about the breaks you've been sneaking at work-they could be helping you learn.
She pleaded guilty in a second trial, got off with a life sentence.
Now he's the famous football star who pled guilty to operating an interstate dog-fighting ring.

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