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Example sentences for guild

The guild collection includes all types of furniture and accessories.
Administration costs rising, more pork for the guild.
Membership of a caste, as of a guild or a church, provides businessmen with a useful network.
Everywhere now the medical student is welcomed as an honored member of the guild.
Let us buy our entrance to this guild by a long probation.
They now belong to a different guild, are answerable to different requirements and have different objectives.
You're either part of the faculty guild, with attendant rights, or you're a serf.
Ah medicine, one of those quaint anachronisms which manage to cling to power by charging a large entrance fee to the guild.
Most of the mechanisms in place for the implementation of pessimism are known only to members of the guild.
He must find ways around the unions' guild mentality if he wanted to put poor teenagers to work and to rebuild the cities.
Guild regulations and the costs of apprenticeships kept laborers below the level of artisans.
At twenty-eight, he was ready to become a master in his own right, but by guild law he needed to marry in order to do so.
It's the first time the guild has nominated a director of a superhero movie.
Each guild tries to do this by limiting the number of its members.

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