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Not a guide to negotiating the back-to-school barbecue, but a handy guide to manipulating text.
Genome sequencing is now starting to be used in the clinic to guide diagnosis and treatment decisions.
Claim a free gift at the gift shop when you complete the quest to have your guide stamped at each stop on the self-guided tour.
In some cases, he argues, it might even guide them to subject matter they have a propensity for but may not have realized.
The dietary guide introduced a decade ago has led people astray.
New standards guide a search for students who have leadership potential and think independently.
Nintendo is quietly testing it for use as a museum guide and an educational tool.
We've built the ultimate, state-by-state guide to top outdoor hubs across the country.
We have put a strategic plan in place to guide us on that journey.
The index is supposed to give a guide to the direction in which currencies should, in theory, head in the long run.
Here's your complete guide to national-team nicknames.
Be sure you've filled out the author's questionnaire that the publisher sent you to guide its promotion efforts.
But without anything to guide their paths, they walked in circles.
And a notebook will open that includes a getting started guide.
Any takers for this theory and can anyone guide me to develop this theory further.
Try to guide the increasingly long snake's body around the screen with your arrow keys without tripping over yourself.
We want to anticipate that and to some extent, to guide it.
We all use statistical base rates to guide our decisions.
The missile's transparent nose cone had been painted over, obscuring the camera that had been installed to help guide it.
Free to download, it's a helpful guide for how to pull together balanced meals and snacks.
New book serves as a science history sightseeing guide.
For help with the last item in that list, a guide is available online.
It's been known for centuries that dreams can guide sentient experience and life's works.
Nevertheless, they can guide national decision making.
Your complete guide to growing vegetables, herbs, and fruit in your backyard garden.
Explore our interactive guide to the euro zone's troubled economies.
The government is replacing its food guide pyramid with a simpler everyday symbol: a plate.
The triangular nutrition guide, rendered useless by its latest redesign, is being replaced.
Smart trip-planning involves more than getting a new travel guide and backpack.
And yet somehow he was chosen to be his group's guide.
The usual cognitive and motivational processes that steer behavior in socially desirable paths no longer guide people.
His survival guide to the end of the cosmos generated quite a few insightful letters and questions from our readers.
Serifs serve a useful purpose in dense text: they guide the eye along each line.
Ironically, the guide stars they generate are far too faint to see without a telescope.
We look for a conception of living well that can guide our interpretation of moral concepts.
She is tied by a rope to a guide above her and her husband below, but she can't seem to make progress on the rock.
Normally, the guide goes first, and it is the guide who spots the toucan or the peccary.
He also misunderstands my criticism of his guide to pronunciation.

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...to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of... more
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