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Example sentences for guidance

Maybe you guys can give me some guidance.
Send some guidance from above.
Older students might be able to do this on their own with less guidance.
The guidance system was equally meritorious.
Grief counselors were on hand in the library and in the guidance office to help students.
We try to give guidance, instruction, and encouragement when needed.
Our style book gives our journalists the following guidance: Occasionally, a foreign language may provide the mot juste.
Only take advice under guidance of a trained professional.
Though she seeks her guidance counselor's help, he's always too busy to listen.
By intertwining guidance and jest, she's created an unexpected page-turner.
The tether conveys guidance information from the pilot topside and video images from the deep.
That's not you, no matter what your guidance counsellor told you.
They are able to provide comfort and guidance when their children encounter stress, and help them forge appropriate responses.
Morality provides guidance in living successful lives long-range.
My politically correct indoctrination does not provide adequate guidance with this affair.
They need guidance and help to avoid getting drug dependent.
While the real creative ones are happily and quietly working away without any need for guidance.
Science tells us the nature of the universe, it doesn't provide moral guidance or value judgements.
Financiers are coveted candidates for governing boards, offering valuable investment guidance for endowment funds.
Your university's sponsored-programs office may be another source of guidance on how to understand the grantor's agenda.
First-year students need guidance when they learn these skills.
Getting time with the busy professors who ostensibly provide our main guidance is not easy.
The standards also provide guidance on business content that must be addressed by all business students.
Talk to you advisor about presenting at a conference or ask for guidance on getting published.
It was to provide guidance and constancy in a changing world.
He was also a materialist, believing that the atoms obeyed laws, not that they received external guidance.
Moreover, the guidance was often applied to statements that are so vague they cannot be falsified.
Physicists grasped onto what philosophical guidance they could get for hints as to how to proceed.
Human strategic guidance combined with the tactical acuity of a computer was overwhelming.
It makes me sad to see people thinking that cataloging work can be handed off to untrained paraprofessionals with no guidance.
But little guidance is given on how to proceed with that task.
So the task for parents is to define boundaries for their adolescents, to offer continual guidance and discipline.
But they don't have a guidance system to make sure they get to where they're going.
Early on, he helped design the first laser guidance systems for smart weapons.
We haven't, for example, given you a lot of guidance on how to migrate your application from a phone perhaps to a tablet.
The high school guidance counselor has also made a phone call on our behalf.
My guidance counselor and school principal have sent further letters of recommendation.
The new guidance requires that the accuser and the accused have the same rights.
All three said they have relied on civilian scientific brain experts for guidance on whether the imaging machines would be useful.
Nor has the generals' ponderous guidance helped the economy.
For their part, universities have been told that they must provide clearer guidance about their courses.
They learn to ignore the extreme opinions and instead take their guidance from the tone of the average report.
The cramped, battered office of a high school guidance counselor.
Without guidance or a plan, elderly investors can harm their finances through unwise decisions.
Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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