guest of honor in a sentence

Example sentences for guest of honor

And an occasional hostess insists on having the chair of the guest of honor held by the butler instead of her own.
Some fashion bloggers decided that the choice of red was a compliment to the guest of honor.
There are only so many birthday-party venues where you wait around for the guest of honor in your socks.
Elliott's senior colleagues had gathered at a dinner to say farewell and the guest of honor had visited each with parting words.
To be polite, you should not plan to depart until the guest of honor has gone.
The shy guy was a no-show again, and this time as the guest of honor.
But even if the weather had been balmy, and he had been alive and physically capable, the guest of honor wouldn't have showed up.
He's an advocate for pedestrian safety and was a guest of honor at the celebration.
Being the speaker or guest of honor at an organization's fundraising event is the functional equivalent of solicitation.
The guest of honor would have the space at the back midpoint of the tipi.
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