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The river itself was not known, and it was placed on the map by guesswork.
There is no need of fanciful guesswork in order to enhance the startling character of the discovery.
Finding pieces of the spinal column joined together eliminates guesswork over how they articulated in life.
Most situations for that matter are too open-ended to be much more than guesswork.
Many of the issues raised are presented as if they were matters of opinion or guesswork.
Well, some business scholars want to take the guesswork out of the movie business.
In the absence of reliable information, doctors are frequently forced to engage in guesswork when administering drugs.
As a result, pharmacology in babies often involves guesswork.
Authenticity dispenses with all this guesswork and uncertainty.
The patent claims that when software is used to perform that job a lot of guesswork is involved.
Still, much of the moviemaking process comes down to guesswork.
Many people don't realize that authorities rely on guesswork to develop these standards.
The implication is that these breakthroughs involved more than a little guesswork and invention.
Such findings as these could dramatically reduce the guesswork involved, thereby leading to the proper prescription from day one.
Anyone can speculate, and anyone with a little more intelligence can provide meaningless evidence in support of their guesswork.
Another step towards the elimination of guesswork in disease research with the establishment of a new experimental method.
The point is despite the uncertainty, it is science not pure guesswork.
True, but you must realise how impossible your questions are to answer with anything more than guesswork or arm-waving.
Even after training, these wasps couldn't discriminate between pairs of faces any more accurately than random guesswork.
Turning guesswork into a true understanding of the language of bioluminescence will require much more data.
But there are no uniform methods of reporting, so figures are guesswork.
For years, archeological theories about these markings amounted to guesswork.
Well, there's a lot of ideas and guesswork and little clear evidence in my understanding of things here.
Asking leading questions, guesswork, cold reading and body language does not cut it.
Pricing was a matter of guesswork until the last moment.
The transaction costs would be lower if you could add the offset with the click of a button and eliminate the guesswork.
Working out the figures in other countries involves much more guesswork.
Predicting how different requires guesswork, an open mind and even a dollop of science fiction.
Since so little of the mechanism survives, some guesswork is unavoidable.
Although options are centuries-old, pricing them had been pure guesswork.
Models help take some of the guesswork out of the process.
When that business has rarely made a sale, let alone a profit, valuation becomes inspired guesswork.
The broad outline is plain but the detail is guesswork.
The ages of rocks between these two were little more than guesswork.
No phone taps were ever authorised, so the government had to resort largely to guesswork to determine who was responsible.
Calculating the worth of that option was little more than guesswork.
To take the guesswork out of making such an investment, some parents hire independent education consultants.
New equipment takes some of the guesswork out of angling.
The main reason is that it strikes me as a whole lot of silly, sentimental guesswork.
For your first trip, choosing a package can take a lot of guesswork out of the mix.
We've taken out the guesswork by categorizing your top concerns by departments.
Partnership policies take the guesswork out of ensuring you purchased a quality policy.
Direct deposit takes the guesswork out of address changes and other complications of postal delivery.
The reserves law recognizes that reserve studies require some guesswork.
The meters' illuminated display will show exactly what time the meter expires, so there's no guesswork.
After students have typed in their guesswork, they can then click on an icon with a glossary definition.
Most of the work in this phase, however, is guesswork.

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