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It's time again for our weekly contest: guess the location of the photograph above.
Buyers usually accept this constraint and make the best guess they can.
Yet it's a good guess that the actual number is double or even triple that.
The current best guess is that the bulk of the normal matter is trapped in giant gaseous filaments.
In the first round, when you draw a name, you can give any clues to help your teammates guess.
Have people choose their favorite and guess the price.
It's time again for our weekly contest: guess the location of the photograph.
Ask your students to guess the name of the place described.
My guess is that older alien civilizations will have developed technologies necessary to travel to the stars.
When the company sponsored a contest to guess the children's gender, no one got all the correct answers.
You'd never guess that this flavorful dish is also low in fat.
Time for our weekly contest to guess the location of the picture above.
The best guess is that they can feel and understand vibrations that are transmitted through the ground.
Study their pictures to learn more about them, then guess which areas on the map would suit them best.
Without references you can only send it to a chemist and have them give their best guess.
That's almost always a good guess about how you're going to feel in the future.
My guess is that the best way to solve your problem is to be diligent about dumping the standing water.
The reason for the meat sharing, however, was a mystery-though perhaps not too tough to guess.
If you want to guess how many jelly beans are in a jar, you should ask your friends.
Guess what, someone is paying the true cost, and it's going to be you.
My guess is your students are waiting, and expecting, for you to shut this student down in no uncertain terms.
My guess is that a clock in the balloon would run slower than its companion on the ground.
We can also guess at the physical size of the sensor.
It's fun to catch these things early and try to make a guess about what and who will succeed.
For example, if you do not know the answer to a question on a test, your first guess is more likely to be right.
It might even try to guess which number you will ring next.
Officials made the builder guess how many bricks were needed.
They could no longer use plain color to guess where different pieces had come from in the original.
Economic theory suggests that the future price is simply traders' best guess of the shape of things to come.
My guess is that within a decade these two will be able to compete evenly with fossil fuels.
Ask them to guess how far this little bird can fly at one time.
The airline industry won't offer even a guess about how much revenue it makes from unused nonrefundable tickets.
The corrected version, consequently, is simply a guess at the writer's intention.
Indeed, it is a fair guess that suffixes do more of the formative work of language than all other methods combined.
My guess is to always err on the side of being over-polite, in other words, send thank yous to everyone.
It is the ability to guess what the next hot thing is and jump onto it.
Pundits and parents alike continue to second-guess the value of a college degree.
More per-student funding rather than less would be my guess.
In fact, it is almost impossible for an outsider to second-guess its utterances.
Official newspapers were probably glad not to have to second-guess censors' concerns about that kind of imagery.
The volunteers were asked to try ten cans of fizzy drink and guess which was which.
Even now authorities can only guess at the size of the spill, because the ongoing leak is deep underwater.
No one will ever guess that such a dish could be made from shelf-stable food ingredients.
The highlight may be the duct tape parade-you can guess how floats are constructed.
Basically, you estimate how much stuff you do and it will give you a guess for how much monthly data that would be.
But it can make an educated guess using census data, other surveys, and population registers.
And my guess is the last time there was two weeks of nonstop civil disobedience may have been back in the civil rights movement.
Someone should pat the guy on the back and tell him good guess and thanks for the warning.
To guess, but guess wisely based on a lifetime of experience.
Guess what they have all been reporting this winter.
Never did he guess that sporting officials would one day use his invention to catch drug cheats.
If they're making more profit than the ecosystem services can provide, take a wild guess which will be sacrificed.
If you know the weight of a mammal's body, you can make a fairly good guess about how large its brain will be.
As you might guess, there isn't a lot of iron in a paper towel.
We can only guess at the discoveries that might follow the confirmation of string theory.
Yet how forests will be brought into a second-generation treaty is anyone's guess.
We think you can guess what he might bring to your fantasy squad, if he gets regular playing time on the fourth line.
Our guess is he'll be the same stud he's been all season.
My guess is that within a few months you'll see quite a few announcements.
My guess is that his single biggest reason for wanting to win was to avoid having people offer condolences for not winning.
My guess is that the president is a slider-that is, someone who slides through life.
Whether they will back down from that promise is anyone's guess.
The player has to guess which is the real series and is immediately told whether the guess is right or wrong.
String theory is physicists' best guess at a unified theory of all interactions but it comes with some strange predictions.
My guess is that would occur at a low rate of sequestration.
Implants work sometime but they are questionable and a bit of a guess they are often mis located or too long.
My guess would be the two signals are close enough in frequency and suffer from crosstalk.
Given the shifts in her metabolism, how much she should take is often anyone's guess.
If you're guessing that the danger zone comes at the end of a stressful workday, guess again.
Your guess is as good as ours as to where that might be.
We guess that the smart kids will come out all right finally.
We also guess that none of the troubled ones will suddenly become untroubled, saved somehow from mediocrity or worse.
But the party that does well in the future will be the one that makes the better guess about where to place its bets.
The prefix should be a randomly generated value to ensure that an attacker cannot guess the name of a secure temporary file.
As you might guess, illegal immigrants are fleeing the state.
Where computers' processing ability and our intelligence will eventually converge is anyone's guess.
What that would mean for the region's tenuous security balance, already deeply uncertain, is anybody's guess.
My guess is that you've wrestled with this yourself.
But my guess is that it is equally the intellectual vacuity of the program that bothers so many of us.
What they'll then choose to do with those weapons is anybody's guess.
It is almost impossible for the volunteers to guess the ages of the children.
Sometimes a star arrives with a story so bereft of surprise you could guess it while knowing only a bit of the script.

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