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The withdrawal marks the start of a guerrilla war, it said warily.
The drones can circle above an guerrilla encampment for hours without risking a pilot.
But, alas, a leftist former guerrilla is president of the country.
These involve encouraging guerrilla desertions and targeting the leadership.
It might be that guerrilla commanders merely want to clear other operators off the spectrum so that they can use it themselves.
Plus there are always a few things without any labels made by guerrilla outfits.
He was more concerned about confronting guerrilla warfare.
The unions and the left were repressed, but not so severely as to engender a guerrilla movement.
But the group prompted a public outcry by touring the south-east in guerrilla outfits, declaring victory.
Almost entirely bereft of popular support, the guerrilla campaign flopped.
She sees herself more as a guerrilla, adept in the arts of asymmetric warfare.
Drive-ins, both traditional and guerrilla, are on the rise.
The guerrilla how-to book managed to anger not only government officials, but also anarchist groups.
Counterinsurgency tactics are designed to help a credible indigenous government fight a guerrilla opponent.
It provides an understanding of guerrilla field craft, tactics, techniques and procedures.
Many did, while some returned home and never fought again, and others went home and joined guerrilla organizations.
During the latter part of the occupation, he became a teenage guerrilla fighter working with the underground resistance movement.

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