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Example sentences for gubernatorial

But in our weekly gubernatorial forecast update, there's not so much excitement.
Some of the gubernatorial candidates have already made a mark on academe's fortunes.
Those named included several gubernatorial and parliamentary candidates.
My detailed breakdowns and opinions of the key elections, including some local and gubernatorial commentary, after the jump.
We do not generally look to gubernatorial debates for excitement.
Senate and gubernatorial races tend to revolve around local issues and personalities.
He visited her there several times, arriving in his gubernatorial limousine.
Fortunately, politicians are at last acknowledging the problem-as the gubernatorial contest shows.
It also hopes to make gains in six gubernatorial elections to be held on the same day.
But consider his opponents for the party's gubernatorial nomination at its state convention here today.
Gray indicates a state that bans campaign spending and has a gubernatorial election this year.
Kinder spent two weeks this year lining up support for a gubernatorial run before abruptly switching course.
He led the charge for it, guaranteeing that it would be a cornerstone of his gubernatorial legacy.
He won his first gubernatorial contest in a close three-way race, but he was re-elected by a landslide.
Gubernatorial appointments are an ongoing process, with appointments occurring throughout the year.
Gubernatorial proclamations set hunting, fishing, and trapping seasons.
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