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Example sentences for guardian

We became committed to rearing the world's first totally benevolent guardian dog.
Top of the list is the technical expertise and track record to be a credible guardian against inflation.
Guardian proteins, found in all forms of life, keep a wide variety of cellular processes running smoothly.
We'll send a personalized card with instructions so a parent or guardian can help them create a map at their convenience.
If you raise livestock and fear herd loss, get a livestock guardian dog.
Don't forget to print a submission form and have your parent or guardian sign it.
If you didn't get the e-mail, your parent or guardian can send it to this link.
Each winner will bring a parent or guardian on the expedition.
Now millions of orphan books may get a new legal guardian.
Waldo in particular became a zealous guardian, chasing off curious locals who got wind of all the artifacts.
On the contrary, he was their enemy's enemy and thus their friend, emancipator and guardian.
Visits with community members and to sites should be under the permission and supervision of a guardian.
Two-year-old and younger children do not typically require a seat and can sit on the lap of a parent or guardian.
Avarice is the parent of evil deeds, but frugality is the sure guardian of our virtues.
Many of the displaced were children in need of a guardian.
You're an excuse for a guardian to kids who were bullied.
He never says he owns any of these things, preferring to call himself their guardian.
In order to become a guardian, you must file papers with the court and go through a number of steps leading up to a court hearing.
Access an application form for corporate guardian status and directories of approved corporate guardians.

Famous quotes containing the word guardian

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On such a night, when Air has loosed Its guardian grasp on blood and brain, Old terrors then of god or ghos... more
Ah, yet, ere I descend to the grave, May I a small house and large garden have; And a few friends, and many books, both ... more
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