guardhouse in a sentence

Example sentences for guardhouse

We sat for hours before a mid-level official in the management of the compound arrived at the guardhouse.
Note also the guardhouse in the center of what was probably originally intended to be a public street.
Across the railroad tracks from the guardhouse a commissary house once stood.
Photographs and first hand accounts of life at the boarding school are exhibited throughout the guardhouse.
Was a four acre post with blockhouse, guardhouse, and magazine.
From the dock to the citadel, attackers had to get through the guardhouse.
The brick guardhouse still stands and houses exhibits, but only ruins remain of the other prison buildings.
Immediately after you drive through the entranceway, you will come to a guardhouse.
The only original remaining structure is the frame guardhouse.
The first guardhouse, built in the center of the fort, stood too high and was blown over by fierce winds.
Outside the east line of buildings were the guardhouse and post headquarters.
There will be a storyteller and hands-on activities in the guardhouse above ground.
Proceed to the guardhouse for visiting procedures and directions.
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