grumbling in a sentence

Example sentences for grumbling

These grumbling thieves demand gas, insurance, parking and repairs.
There has been some grumbling that the church has singled out its own for honor when so many others were killed.
The ensuing grumbling about the unreliability of polls sparked the germ of an idea.
There's all the grumbling about the federal subsidies that corn growers and manufacturers of ethanol from corn get.
Ignoring internal equity issues will only ensure that the new hire will join a department of sullen and grumbling colleagues.
Those meltdowns have led to grumbling on campuses that the governor micromanages universities.
After grumbling for a day or two about being misled, they'll go right back to the swindle.
Many readers are already grumbling about the integration going too far.
Whenever there was public grumbling about testing and education, though, he took it seriously.
Publishers are apparently grumbling that such a service might damage their business, devaluing books.
But it's fun to think of the old fella grumbling it through his beard at the church officials.
The suspension, which reportedly took researchers by surprise, has already caused some grumbling.
It caused a fair amount of grumbling, but he nearly pulled it off.
Beer bellied rascals opine: your grumbling belies vast wholesomeness.
Americans are forever grumbling about government gridlock.
Fans were grumbling after narrow victories against weaker opponents.
At stake is more than grumbling by domestic consumers.
The soaring price of land is another grumbling point.
Sometimes the mumbling and grumbling subsides until it is barely audible.
Revealingly, the biggest grumbling is about the pigs.
Such grumbling has mostly come from junior officials.
Two rises in excise duties on fuel, alcohol and cigarettes in under three months have caused grumbling.
Inequalities are growing, corruption is rampant, grumbling widespread.
In both countries, there is much grumbling about high taxation and a bloated state.
For all the grumbling, the east has made big strides.
Grumbling on the continent, especially among poorer euro-zone countries, could turn to extreme mutual rancour.
Business groups are grumbling, but they might have fared even worse.
For now, the right's resentment is confined to grumbling.
But for all their grumbling, they have no wish to go back to their villages, let alone into the hills with a gun.
Despite the grumbling, there have been some successes.
The general managers were always grumbling about big payrolls and empty seats.
Many homeowners are grumbling about skyrocketing tax bills, which are driven by higher home prices.
Those with a grumbling stomach will be pleased to find a variety of choices, including both fine dining and fast food chains.
Grumbling about gasoline prices has become as reflexive as complaining about the weather.
The birds compete for space with the grumbling great blue herons.
Stumbling, mumbling, fumbling and grumbling are indicators of changes in motor coordination and levels of consciousness.
The cook was growling and grumbling and acting nasty, and he wasn't going to let me stay there.
The teachers have commented that the students concentrate better and stay on task without grumbling.

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