gruffly in a sentence

Example sentences for gruffly

He growled out a blessing, which sounded as gruffly as a curse.
They figure that if you've done your homework you won't be afraid to handle their gruffly delivered questions.
As soon as you leave the local airport, signs gruffly demand their return.
The interrogator gruffly ordered the candidate to sit down.
He scolds them gruffly but fondly when they lift other people's carburetors.
Even then, the self-proclaimed deity gruffly brushes off the mistake by explaining he works in mysterious ways.
When she was asked for her name and affiliation, she gruffly directed the questioner to look it up in the brochure.
He turned to another recruit and gruffly ordered him to retrieve his canteen.
The busy staff member dismisses her concerns gruffly, referring her to her training.
She promptly screamed for help and the burglar gruffly told her to be quiet or he would shoot her.
Gruffly the financier of the pair approached the housekeeper.

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As we thus swept along, our Indian repeated in a deliberate and drawling tone the words "Daniel Webster, great lawyer," ... more
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