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The grueling schedule that many doctors go through to train as specialists is about to ease.
They put themselves through grueling marathons of public scrutiny.
Business travel is grueling enough without having to put up with someone you don't know well for the entire evening.
Together, in between grueling shifts, they broke fast and prayed for the mud to hold.
It was a grueling journey through horrible heat and humidity.
It is a story of grueling hours, forsaken personal lives and constant anxiety.
Sure, it's a great place to take a breather after you've completed the grueling marathon of graduate school.
Nothing about this fat-bellied ark would begin to suggest the grueling odysseys it has endured.
The grueling three-year editing process resulted in a mesmerizing work that few people have seen in its entirety.
It's an odd name for the old rose that flourishes even in the grueling heat.
The downside of my location is the summer heat, which has been especially grueling this year.
She put together photos of sweatshop workers and interspersed them with facts and figures about the grueling conditions.
They may double their weight in preparation for this grueling journey.
Go from your boat to that grueling side hike without missing a stride.
After a grueling desert journey, our tank has arrived at the enemy compound.
The labor was so grueling and dangerous that the average period of employment was only two weeks.
It's also a grueling test of the endurance of the drivers.
It would explain how he managed to endure the grueling primary and general election campaigns last year without getting ruffled.
It was a grueling race over a soft track, which made the feat all the more remarkable.
The pace of the work is grueling, but the growing map buoys spirits.
In the interest of accuracy, let me state that the process is less grueling when it comes to cartoons.
It tries for a chipper, light-hearted tone, but it gives the audience a grueling flight-a red-eye to nowhere.
After three years of grueling apprenticeship, she became a flavorist, a job that entered her into a kind of secret society.
Rather than report at a distance, you perform grueling crew duties to earn your keep.
It's particularly grueling, but they pay your school debts.
After many grueling hours of brain surgery, it's finally time for a surgeon to close up the skull.
The grueling routine paid off, revealing that evaporation was far less effective at keeping the ocean cool than expected.
It takes grueling decades of arguing the same point over and over again to make smart people that sloppy.
But let no one claim that it isn't a grueling, soul-sucking experience.
If you know computer scientists, that is the same as saying all-scientists, because it is a particularly grueling course of study.
Yes, it is grueling and monotonous, particularly the last hour of the day.
Doctoral work is grueling, and so is getting a job, and so is earning tenure.
Honestly, your schedule sounds grueling, and unsustainable.
If the economy does not grow as expected, the nation will have to go through the grueling process of raising taxes again.
It is not clear whether he means this grueling trip, or her life.
Plus, they'd tell leaders how a soldier's body stood up to grueling physical training or a tough deployment.
By any measuring stick, it was grueling, backbreaking work.
Come take a peek into some of the grueling, outrageous and ultimately charming hometown heroes of our favorite theatrical medium.
Slate thinks other acts should take lessons from the group's grueling-and lucrative-touring schedule.
Her openness about her struggles makes her every appearance on screen both grueling and luminous.
It's been a grueling sprint, and it finds the race in a markedly different place than when it began.
Eight and a half grueling years later, the deeply unpopular conflict is set to end with a whimper, not a bang.
Coaches are hardened tacticians, practices are grueling, and systems of play are complex.
But blogging each day, sometimes thousands of words a day, is a wonderful but grueling way to write.
Sometimes, when meetings grow especially grueling, he sleeps during the day as well.
The chat logs make for psychologically grueling reading.
Plus it broke after one particularly grueling session of onion soup.
Possessed individuals do the bidding of the spirits during a grueling, exhausting ordeal that they do not remember afterwards.
Along with the less grueling tasks they arranged for the children, these prisoners also organized a primary school.
The grueling sun had subsided, giving way to a pastel transition to evening.
It described a lonely, grueling profession of repeated head blows and an unending work schedule on the road.
Though cancer is a grueling experience for any patient, blacks often face additional obstacles that whites never encounter.
There has been much hand-wringing over the dangers of medical residents' grueling schedules.
Any regional or conference loyalties are pushed aside, he insists, while the grueling process is underway.
For punishment, the camps often impose grueling hikes and uncomfortable sleeping conditions.
Chemotherapy could soon become a little less grueling.
It was a long, grueling year, but thankfully the disease is now in remission and is doing well.
Selling a house can be every bit as grueling as buying one, particularly if you have done neither in several years.
His boundless energy allowed him to meet the grueling pace of wartime operations.
And many endured deplorable conditions, dangerous tasks, grueling hours and oppressive wages.
Most people view writing their own resume as a grueling task.
For those who are able to leave, they face a grueling walk through the desert, often with no food or water to sustain them.
Scores of settlers arrived each week exhausted, sick and without funds after their grueling trip across the prairie.

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