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Example sentences for grudgingly

But that's the back-door route, creating the impression that it is being done grudgingly.
He gave little ground to critics and surrendered even that grudgingly.
The bankers who have been grilled by the body are grudgingly complimentary.
There was a time when casinos only grudgingly tolerated slot machines.
We give it power only grudgingly and then object to its exercise.
But many commuters grudgingly concede that, while serious problems still exist, there are fewer hardships and better service.
All socialists in the world today grudgingly accept the need for some kind of market.
We either grudgingly tolerate or actually embrace the stars and bars, depending on our race and home state.
If so, his countrymen seem grudgingly unappreciative.
For example, the government actively encourages work on stem cells rather than grudgingly permitting it.
But then, it is also important in realpolitik to read the writing on the wall and accept the reality albeit grudgingly.
They returned with appetizing legends of hot breakfast in hospitable abodes, or scanty fare given grudgingly in hostile ones.
Later, the husband grudgingly agrees to evolve, with mixed success.
After some were unearthed, ushers distributed them grudgingly.
Grudgingly, local people concede there has been some improvement.
The demands of civic groups for more consumer protection were met grudgingly and late.
The president is co-operating only minimally, and grudgingly, with the investigation.
The establishment, however, realises no matter how grudgingly that the country cannot afford it.
On your second, maybe you grudgingly admit that the eye candy isn't bad.
For decades, for-profit educational provision has been tolerated, often grudgingly.
At the same time, they grudgingly acknowledge the impracticality of large families today.
Sharing of research materials, data, and results is haphazard and often grudgingly done.

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