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Example sentences for grudging

Boss finally measures with his own and grudging concedes you re right.
Yet this revulsion was often followed by critical appraisal, and then grudging and partial acceptance.
When she had none, she never once gave down the milk without grudging it.
The best we're likely to get is grudging indifference, except from the more fervent supporters.
There is a difference between this and mere grudging tactical adjustment, and the electorate was able to scent it.
The vengeful, partisan spirit of the times is not conducive to coming to any sort of bipartisan agreement, however grudging.
Librarians are supposed to be bitter spinsters, grudging, lonely.
Others would describe the duty to the state in grudging terms, and picture those who oppose it as moral heroes.
Over the years, the company has gained a grudging respect from the rest of the media world as well.
The teams have no shared history to speak of and hence no grudging respect for one another.
The reason journalists hedge their language in such cases isn't out of fear or a grudging sense of duty to legal formalities.
Don't tell me they'll read your grudging vote as full-throated support.
The grudging cup offered by a non-coffee-drinker during an unhappy visit.
The film may be ludicrous, but its cast displays a commitment that deserves more than grudging admiration.
The second and more practical view calls for grudging admiration.
But when it comes to embracing austerity, he could hardly sound more grudging.
For as long as the world economy was growing fast, financial markets commanded grudging allegiance.
Yet the generals have moved haltingly, often in seemingly grudging response to continuing street protests.
Now, the grudging inheritor of it, he finds easy sociability indispensable in the digital world.
On agriculture, moreover, the rich world's concessions were too timid and too grudging.
As it is, his belated decision to forgo his bonus looks grudging rather than generous.
On balance, the mood is one of grudging cooperation.
But the grudging and erratic response of the euro zone's governments has been as much part of the problem as of the solution.
The father may be absent, and even when he is there, he may have disagreed with her decision or given only grudging consent.

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