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Example sentences for grudge

Choose not to nurse a grudge or to seek revenge.
But holding a grudge will only make things worse.
Assuming the crime is merely one born of an old grudge, Kai doesn't take it too seriously.
Injustices in the name of justice create in their victims a lasting grudge against society.
For some reason you have an axe to grind (that means a grudge).
But he says he has no grudge against the country itself.
Thai politics is becoming a grudge match.
Buck, however, holds an unexplained grudge against Peter and convinces doctors to commit him to a psychiatric hospital.
It wasn't a grudge match to me.
It is not that I grudge the boon to thee.
Ah, you almost made sense until you injected your political grudge into the discussion.
Seriously, are you trying to help chemists or are you holding a grudge.
Many describe the governor as inclined to hold a grudge, even one that extends decades.
But this summer's biotech grudge match will be over designer babies.
It's as if the reviewer had a grudge and finally found an outlet to unleash his hostile brand of negativity.
It may be that in a few days he'll calm down, or it may be he will hold to the grudge and nurse it for years if necessary.
Naturally he ate more by way of compensation, but the act showed that he bore no grudge.
The other broader grudge against him is his tough policing methods.
Giving up that grudge could be good for your health.
But the reality was closer to a grudge handball match.
Moody had served time for bomb-making many years earlier and was known to bear a grudge.
The law judge observed their demeanor, and considered respondent's grudge theory.
The employer or supervisor is known to have a grudge against an employee they claim was injured off the job.

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