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But such efforts have met fierce resistance from villagers and local politicians, who see the roamers as grubby outsiders.
It's possible, of course, but national politicians tend to have enough sense to steer clear of such grubby quid-pro-quos.
For one thing, the objects themselves seem far removed from the grubby world of crime and punishment.
The story offers a few surprises, and the bowels of the railway station are scenic, in their grubby way.
In the bleakness of early spring, the drawn faces and grubby homes take on the grays and browns of the landscape.
Once viewed as grubby gambling dens, prediction markets have sharpened up.
And unlike the glitzy casinos, greyhound tracks offer a sad world of sticky escalators, grubby walls and horrible food.
But partnerships with grubby firms risk turning off its million-odd individual donors.
The opposition has also been tainted by grubby funding scandals.
The gloom is almost palpable in the city, which these days looks grubby and unconfident.
For years thousands of travellers must have grumbled about the grubby premises they were offered.
Try rubbing a teaspoon onto your grubby blender or food processor with a clean flannel cloth.

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