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They also make a specific polar bear warning sound, a hissing growl, that lets patrollers know when to be alert.
It was not a dog, or a puma, which has a much higher pitched growl.
No hysterics, no scenes, and everyone has saved face without having to growl.
The dog would growl whenever the husband entered the room.
If they have an objection, they simply growl, and it soon becomes clear that their growls run the show.
But at last with a growl he shook his head and slouched off, for bears will not touch dead meat.
When one has seen the bear in the woods, he hears his growl in every bush.
They will pay for corruption with a growl, but seem to think that virtue ought always to be had for nothing.
But drive an hour south and that dusky sheep with its smoke-pit growl is nonexistent.
Then he'll retreat to a corner of the house, curl up into a tight little ball, and growl at anyone that comes near him.
She has never growled at me but will growl if my kids try to hug her at times.
They growl and bat at each other and whap the surface.
Other than an occasional growl, she puts up with the needle treatment.
Both older dogs will not accept the pup and constantly growl and snap at her.
But if the other dog charges and gets to close thats only normal for your dog to growl or get into an aggressive mode.
Some of them big dog that growl at him never make him back away.
He tells me he's having a great time by the play growl he gives.
She will push them out of the way and snap or growl.
It is the movement of the food, liquid and particularly gas that causes the stomach to growl.
Now in our burgeoning suburban enclaves, bulldozers and backhoes growl and roar where the soft step of moccasins once prevailed.
They usually get along fine, although they do growl and bark when they first get together.
The dog appeared to share in her sentiment with a slight growl.
We waited, impatient, as the smells made our stomachs growl.
Along with her sensual growl of a voice, which conjured a whole universe of feeling, that gaze strikes directly to the heart.
Then he'd open up, letting loose his blues growl and kicking in the distortion.
At five weeks old the kittens had blue eyes, spotted fur and a formidable growl.
Ask the students if they have ever heard or felt their tummies growl.
The bear may stand on its hind legs to get a better view, or huff and growl as a threat display.
Opossums are not aggressive and will not chase people or pets, but may hiss and growl if their food or den is threatened.
It may hiss, bark or even growl if extremely bothered by an intruder.
The antique biplane falls faster and faster, the growl from its powerful engine growing ever louder.
Sometimes they growl, hiss or tell you they want to be left alone.
The little shop smells of sweet fresh popcorn that makes your mouth water and stomach growl.
Another opossum tactic to avoid predation is to growl, hiss, and bare its teeth.

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