growing point in a sentence

Example sentences for growing point

At this time, the growing point is elevated and in a vulnerable position.
New plants from mail order nurseries usually are sold as small clumps or single sprouts with one growing point.
It is not recommended for heavy grazing in late spring or summer due to an elevated growing point.
It is generally not recommended for haying, because it is difficult to harvest above its natural growing point.
Unfortunately once the growing point is removed, the tree will die.
If mild temperatures resume and the growing point is intact, green leaves may grow back.
During elongation, the growing point is elevated and is in a vulnerable position.
Because pale western cutworms cut stems, if the growing point is destroyed, the plants cannot recover from damage.
Starch is present in the sugarcane stalk but is much more abundant in the leaves and growing point region.
In subsequent years they may have one or two of the characteristic palmate leaves, emerging from the same growing point.
The government sees aquaculture as the growing point in the sector.
Chopping the leaves from one side of a rosette can provide access to the central growing point.
The transition of a plants' growing point to a generative state is determined by a special technique in the vegetative tests.
Plant height was measured as the distance from ground level to the tip of the growing point.
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