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Example sentences for grower

If you're seeking organic produce, ask the grower about her farming practices.
But a change in environment can turn a slow grower into a weed.
They can follow up with the grower and the supply chain.
The authorities may find one or two-a loss anticipated in the grower's business plan-without being able to trace ownership.
For example, low temperatures may produce a tougher animal, or high temperatures a fast grower.
Grower decisions to use repeated applications of particular herbicides have led to the evolution of resistant weeds.
Look into the practices of the specific grower if this is important to you.
After a light lunch, enjoy a presentation by a grower about wine-making methods.
As an unpaid grower or cash seller of poultry, you may fi le the necessary written complaint with the court.
After harvest, fresh produce is handled and packed either by a shipper or grower-shipper.
The caregiver or grower must give the medical marijuana to the patient any time it is requested.

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An underground grower, blind and a common brown; Got a misshapen look, it's nudged where it could; Simple a... more
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