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Example sentences for grouping

They preferred hills for their villages, walling them and grouping their houses in tight, defensible rows.
Grouping the volumes by color adds graphic punch without costing a thing.
Create a matching garland by grouping several berry stems and attaching them to the center with floral wire.
How the same sentence may be expressed in other languages with striking differences in the selection and grouping of concepts.
For it would be short-sighted to regard the grouping of certain figures in an undescribed batch as an incompleteness.
These grouping may certainly overlap-some of your friends might fit into many of your sharing circles.
It's an automatic mechanism for grouping a conversation, after all.
One grouping lies in the plane of the solar system and originates from its formation.
In this case any other grouping would still result in dead citrus as there are no immune varieties.
To determine that, they had to know how many unbonded hydrogens there were in such a grouping.
Within each grouping-set, the streaks all run the same direction.
So for the common grouping you could say this all boils down to privacy rights.
But its grouping of organisms is anything but arbitrary, even though there is an element of subjectivity to it.
After describing each of the career choices and grouping the tasks, ask students which career appeals to each of them.
Companion planting involves the intentional grouping of certain plants for their mutual benefit as they grow.
Tell students to list each grouping and explain why they go together.
So the pride starts grouping again, now into four or five females.
Overhaul the strange grouping of personality disorders.
None of this means that political strategists will begin focus-grouping fish any time soon.
Defeating him will not be easy, so try grouping up with a friend.
Consumers are thought to have more in common with people from the same generation than with any other grouping.
Yet such a heterogeneous grouping would be at serious risk of infighting and collapse.
They insist on a wider grouping, backed by strict budgetary discipline, and harsh sanctions for bad behaviour.
Yet vetting failure is the latest stage in a bumpy parliamentary initiation for the radical nationalist grouping.

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