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We all know that focusing on the characteristics of a group can obscure the differences between the individuals in it.
They should record their ideas after they have discussed them as a group.
All three new puzzles represent sporadic simple groups of permutations.
The changes appear to be mostly in the buying group.
How a society defines family as a primary group, and the functions it asks families to perform, are by no means constant.
Fifty groups will be joining the campaign, the nonprofit organization will say.
Each group should open its bag and write an analysis of the contents.
By 1974 the group had grown to 40.
Each group comprises a wide variety of grasses.
The group has created a database of feature phones and smartphones that lists the maximum radiation each of the devices emits.
Freeloading crows start to contribute to group efforts when hardworking birds become handicapped, a study shows.
Gathering a big group of friends for a casual open house is one of the season's enduring pleasures.
Their brand of soulfulness is more about group study than zipping your lips.
But no matter how their team fares, one longtime group of tailgaters always has a winning lineup.
As a group they are short-lived, but the darker-flowered selections tend to grow longer.
Group plants with similar water needs, so nothing gets over- or under-watered.
As a group, zinnias rank among the best-performing summer annuals.
Group two or three frames on the wall or use one for a tabletop display.
Group vegetable plants by growth rate and mature size, as well as by water needs.
If you fall into the group for higher sodium-sensitivity or are concerned about your blood pressure, talk to your doctor.
But the group-discount model lacks the revolutionary quality of previous online movements.
How one company is turning file-sharing networks into the world's biggest focus group.
Humans cooperate on all sorts of issues and tasks, but every so often a member of the group fails to pull his weight.
The third group was a control group and did not have a local expert.
As it turns out, gossip serves a useful social function in bonding group members together.
One group ate a restrictive, low-protein diet whereas the other dined on protein-rich foods.
The first group practiced, the second group imagined practicing and the last group played a different sport.
Enclosed please find a brief and truthful account of the capture of the specimens which compose this group.
The genus and species names are italicized according to scientific convention, but group names above the genus level are not.
Group exhibition of artists who explore sound as a sculptural form.
Artifacts also illuminate the group's potlatches, secret societies and open-sea whaling.
As a group, these selections visually illustrate the artists' enunciations of their diverse and complex experiences.
Any not kept were put into a pool, to be shared among group members.
In the first, participants always interacted with the same group of people.
Becoming a group travel organizer can be a rewarding experience with perks including free travel for yourself.
If you don't have that much time, consider a group tour.
Traveling in a group can be more fun and less expensive than traveling alone.
One group goes on bringing children to birth, hoping that they will be born dead or die.
His letters, with the exception of one group, are not intimate.
Breathing is a rich experience for a group of unusual microbes that typically live deep beneath the sea.
The palm-size creatures are primates-the group that includes apes and humans.
The hoots grew louder, and they could tell the group was moving rapidly through the canopy.
There was almost nowhere to hide-but deep underground one group found sanctuary.
Distribute a fourth transparency sheet to each group.
Have each group pretend it has been hired by the government of a country that has a high rate of the disease it has studied.
As a group, note the essential features that should be on each map.
Have each group create a presentation about the conflict it studied.
Ask each group to choose one of the recipes it has found.
Students in each group will have to develop a three-week tour of that continent.
After the time is up, ask a student from each group to present that group's country with the information recorded on the chart.
He moved to create a platform for social organizing, and then he helped turn it into a site for group coupons.
They rap over a variety of tracks, mostly made by producers outside the group, and the music is rarely difficult or abrasive.
As a result, the more that people in this kind of group talk, the more sure they become that they're right.
But resigning in protest has gained popularity of late among an unlikely group: big corporations.
Several months ago, the club's theme was pasta, without question my favorite food group.
Travel across the world to meet a diverse group of artisans.
He spoke to the group after we'd finished our sampling.
Travel across the world to meet a diverse group of artisans committed to keeping ancient food traditions alive.
He once went to the racetrack with a group of friends.
Each group competed with all the others in going completely mad.
The habits and needs of a little-understood group.
And yet, my sense is that these same people are often quite sympathetic to the excesses of personal and group loyalty.
Briefly they triumphed, raising hopes among the impoverished local peasantry and gathering a group of supporters.
However, the high-risk variant group also showed the best chance of recovery.
New affinity group promotes service, mentoring, education.
So far the research group has demonstrated arrays of transistors made on thin films of silk.
Now a group of researchers is building biocompatible electronics on thin, flexible substrates.
Fetal tissue transplants have shown some success in animals as well as a small group of humans.
Another benefit of using science-minded cheerleaders to spread the gospel of science: they're an optimistic group.
The group's sole purpose was to cast doubt on the scientific legitimacy of global warming.
It seems as if kin selection could actually damage the group.
Fortunately, the group being criticized is not a vast group.
So any donations represent a loss to the donor, but a gain to the group as a whole.
What disappears are the specific genotypes, the combinations of gene pairs, which are distinctive to that given group.
The first group is made up of the people who live in the largest apartments, overlooking the park, on the higher floors.
And he was angered by the group's failure to check on his family while he was in prison.
Collective effervescence is the idea that an extraordinary perceived energy can emerge in a group setting.
And it granted a prominent stage to a group of terrific performers.
N ever in history has a group of employees had it so good.
It's unfair to group an entire group of people together.
When you're part of a group and your group is performing, you want the crowd to get hyped.
Group or employer health insurance you get through your job gives you certain rights.
Operational group coordinating programs, policies, standards and training of participating wildfire management agencies.

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