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Example sentences for groundwork

Penance, charity, and humility he laid down for the groundwork and basis of his rule.
In other words, these areas may not have had the functions they do in modern humans, but the changes were laying the groundwork.
However, laying that groundwork will take more than text mining, and certainly more than the subset of textual materials on offer.
The phonetic groundwork of a language, however, is only one of the features that give its literature a certain direction.
Physicists are now laying the groundwork for so-called quantum repeaters.
And in his own laboratory, he's laying the groundwork that may help this evolutionary leap happen ahead of schedule.
But that hardly even matters unless all the rest of us have laid the groundwork.
But they inadvertently laid the groundwork for hostility between non-whites.
But a new study has laid the groundwork for future research into the topic.
Laying the groundwork for an educationally rich family vacation needn't focus only on the destination.
From the start, the movie lays the groundwork for a cathartic payoff.
It kind of laid of groundwork for getting those later roles.
Yes-if they similarly laid the groundwork for a long, principled, and sustainable struggle.
Having laid some groundwork may let the impossible become possible.
The conspiracy believers, of course, long ago laid their own groundwork.
The groundwork for his political ascent had been laid long before he decided to run.
At the time, the two countries were already laying the groundwork for the indirect negotiations.
The groundwork has been well advanced for over a decade.
Her story made headlines and provided the groundwork for numerous similar cases.
Games literacy among teachers is low, and introducing a new product into this sphere requires extensive planning groundwork.

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