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Example sentences for groundless

More than a decade later, their fears appear to have been groundless.
If what she says is true, her claim is not groundless.
Their concerns, it would seem, are not entirely groundless.
We don't even know what g is, or if it exists, so the idea that it can be measured is evidentially groundless.
Warner's worries about poor box-office returns proved groundless.
In both cases, the fear was neither groundless nor unreasonable.
To the reader today of his later addresses, that criticism must seem groundless.
The fear that vocational training will materialize and lower education is groundless, even in theory.
The prelate found their invectives groundless, except that the want of a priest was a real defect in the community.
When the alarm that had tricked them into marriage proved to be groundless, she was angry and said bitter, hurtful things.
Claims that the currency zone would fall apart have proved groundless.
So far, however, these fears have proved groundless.
Some say that the attacks on her are groundless or exaggerated.
Nobody should be surprised if that turns out to be groundless as well.
He dismissed such worries as ageism, a groundless form a discrimination he frequently encounters in his profession.
He insists that concerns over job losses and sovereignty are groundless.
We have investigated the allegations made by the commission and have found them to be groundless.
It is also rather factually groundless and does not stand close scrutiny.
All charges and intimations to the contrary are deceptive and groundless.
Find a way to hover above the baseless, groundless fears that prompt other people to run for cover.
Damages for groundless or vexatious suit or defense.
If a reasonable attorney should have known that a claim was frivolous, the claim is objectively groundless.
It is recognized that many allegations of professional malpractice are proven groundless.
It is recognized that many allegations of malpractice are proven groundless.
They then attempt to prosecute us with the hostility and contempt of a zealot, no matter how obviously groundless.
After he failed to appear at that hearing, the trial court found that the suit was frivolous and groundless.
Despite this notice, appellant filed and has maintained an appeal containing groundless and frivolous positions.

Famous quotes containing the word groundless

I think a Person who is thus terrifyed [sic] with the Imagination of Ghosts and Spectres much more reasonable, than one ... more
Let him front the object of his worst apprehension, and his stoutness will commonly make his fear groundlessmore
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