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Example sentences for grounding

They tend to hug the continent, thumping along, sometimes even grounding themselves in a new place.
Hardly any time and energy had been spent to improve the racking, wiring and electrical grounding elements.
Maybe you imagine a field that is scholarly, abstruse by nature and untethered to any grounding in real science.
Grounding wires on every pole would then carry a positive charge burning out transformers.
Grounding protects you if one of the live wires ever becomes frayed and makes contact with the metal box.
We know that he had a good basic grounding in botany.
Of course, none of these purported medical benefits have any grounding in science.
What a wonderful grounding for professional studies later.
He put a huge amount of thought into the education of his sons, and made sure that they got a good grounding in science.
But the chapters contained in it strive for grounding in sound empirical studies, not in ideological premises.
Lying, evasion, and blaming others went the grounding and silent treatment route.
Its scientific grounding is mostly a matter of models and extrapolations and appeals to authority.
Try it with the grounding hand on a block or a chair.
Nothing makes you more powerful inside the joint than a strong grounding in currency arbitrage.
Please, get yourself a source of objective, skeptical commentary with a grounding in electrical engineering.
From aircraft-grounding hurricanes to ion storms that hamper radar, weather can have a decisive impact on military operations.
In particular looking at molecular genetics and evolution can be illustrative of the grounding of broader process.
The interesting thing about it is the grounding it has in real science, real patents for building real rockets.
Say the process of measuring this wave amounts to grounding it to the measuring device.
Obviously, there is no empirical grounding in the axioms of any moral system.
The substrate causes ions to tilt tilt tilt to no direct charge to zero grounding.
Maybe those who study the social grounding of behavior are likely to have the opinion that social conditions trump genetics.
When he moved on to management academia he had had a solid grounding in corporate life.
But unseasonable torrential rain and hail hampered relief efforts, grounding helicopters and causing fresh landslides.
The main problem with macro is its lack of grounding in micro.
Comedy, even farce, has to have some grounding in recognizable human behavior if it's to land.
Contributing to the movie's air of self-importance is its grounding in true events.
Grounding the zaniness is the chemistry between its two likable stars.
It's relatively cheap fun, and parents aren't about to steal candy from their babies by grounding trick-or-treating.
In addition to the rescue, much of the focus has been on the cruise ship captain's actions during and after the grounding.
Two survivors of a cruise ship grounding have been found inside the ship nearly a day after it rolled onto its side.
New research released today could give a scientific grounding to the story.
She said three people on board had medical conditions unrelated to the grounding.
Two survivors of a cruise ship grounding have been found inside the ship nearly a day after it rolled onto its side.
If multiple grounding electrodes comprise the system, they must be bonded together to form a common grounding electrode.
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