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Beneath the grounded boats, crabs scuttle for food across the mud under every wooden hull.
Her impeccable attention to detail, whether in dialogue or description, grounded her work.
The best fiction is grounded, made real, by its sense of place.
It was the people, who opened their hearts to me, who grounded me to these ridges and valleys.
If outside, seek refuge in a car or grounded building when lightning or thunder begins.
As it should be, much work on the process of reading comprehension has been grounded in studies of good readers.
Fears of turtle overconsumption are grounded in some sobering statistics, experts say.
Each nation gives life to this principle in its own way, grounded in the traditions of its own people.
The view that seems to have carried the day for now is actually grounded in a welcome humility.
Yet the music was crackling and bright, grounded by a low thrum.
Psychologically, the artists grounded their work in the self-emptying state of boredom.
As for other things, it is plain they are only suggested to the mind by experience, grounded on former perceptions.
Still, however, to be well informed and grounded is not the whole that is necessary.
The verses, upon which the contrary opinion is grounded, are so ambiguous that certainly no argument can be drawn from them.
But it also guarantees parochialism and is grounded in exclusion.
In all cases, it still lacks a coherent vision grounded in a realistic grand strategy.
We never were able to come up with a good answer--there are estimations of cost, but they're not grounded in much data.
The concept of the open society needs to be more firmly grounded.
Hallmark's messages are grounded in a substantial body of well-funded market research.
Each nation gives life to this principle in its own way, grounded in the traditions of its own people.
Those habits are deeply grounded, and some of them correspond to much-treasured values.
Most psychometricians considered intelligence to be a substantially inherited, biologically grounded trait.
Our thinking is so concretely grounded in vision that hearing, as well as our other senses, has become a subconscious processes.
Specialists are essential, but they need generalists to keep them grounded in something akin to reality.
Until these real fixes are made, the whole fleet of these airplanes world wide should be grounded.
They are only interesting if they are the outcome of theoretically grounded research, and independently testable.
Their work suggests only those parts of the ice sheet that are grounded below sea level or sloping downwards would collapse.
Now imagine turning the table about its center while keeping the first three legs grounded, or balanced.
Freaky stuff to those of us who are totally grounded to reality.
The academic machine is well grounded in history, tradition, and mathematical logic.
In my view, our moral concern for different living beings must be grounded on our understanding of their minds and interests.
Of course, all flights would have to be grounded while they're being updated and tested.
Of course melting of land-grounded ice increases sea levels.
Against the breathless claim of marauding aliens there are sounder possibilities grounded in current science.
They are grounded on truths that do not admit questioning.
But the housing boom is grounded in rising prosperity rather than excessive debt.
He heard shooting and screams, then felt an explosion as a grounded helicopter was destroyed.
But in the long term, a more solidly grounded recovery would be good news for all of us.
They can't stay grounded forever without eventually jeopardizing national security.
One afternoon his aircraft was grounded because the pilot he regularly flew with had an ear problem.
Their shrewdness of insight is grounded in nothing but a self-protective reflex of suspicion.
Heard on the news today about flights being grounded.
For example, that evolution is more grounded in his experience than angels.
Not that sorrowful image of them being retired on the tarmac and grounded forever.
He is such a proud spirit, so much more grounded in truth than the rest of us minions.
More grounded critics consider the project ethically questionable.
The best shelter is a large, substantially constructed building with intact, well-grounded wiring and plumbing.
As the generator cannot be grounded, yer gonna need two conductors.
For now, this is all a grand hypothesis, albeit one that is grounded on a lot of existing evidence.
Science is the study of reality, grounded in evidence.
Third, the cognitive school is firmly grounded in the lingo of the cognitive revolution.
Don't expect their sci-fi plots to be firmly grounded in events that could actually happen.
So, while the stories may not be well grounded with deep research and evidence, they are also not pulled out of the blue.
They sent us to our rooms, sure, and grounded us or withdrew telephone privileges.
Most portable electric tools and appliances are grounded by this means.

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