groundbreaking in a sentence

Example sentences for groundbreaking

It was not exactly what you would call groundbreaking stuff.
There does not seem to be anything new and groundbreaking behind this framework.
Demonstrations will offer the chance for visitors to participate and learn about the science behind these groundbreaking flights.
Although highly readable, the book includes no groundbreaking historical research.
It is groundbreaking that all of these countries are able to unite and work together efficiently.
Second, patent protection is not long enough time for groundbreaking innovation that requires infrastructure to be developed.
It is also a topic rife with groundbreaking research.
As discussed previously, this project is a landmark, groundbreaking renewable energy project if it goes through.
If you really made a groundbreaking scientific discovery, the astronomy journals will be rushing to publish your paper.
He did groundbreaking work in biology and pathogens without the concept of evolution.
Not every groundbreaking step is the end of the world.
What came next was one of the more groundbreaking books in cognitive science.
The site's tech is as groundbreaking as the content it features.
It was a groundbreaking superhero comic, but not something you could ever turn into a movie.
Their groundbreaking work has had a profound effect on our world, launching new businesses and creating new industries.
Few corporate histories better illustrate the fact that companies can make groundbreaking products but fail to make money.
But the groundbreaking paper in which he launched his theory was largely ignored, despite the great explanatory power it promised.
Problem: a lot of groundbreaking studies can't be replicated.
It was a groundbreaking decision, even for a company with a long history of inventions and innovations.
Groundbreaking adventure has always made us examine and then redraw the fine line between the possible and the impossible.
The eight-year construction was literally groundbreaking in design and concept, but the architect remains unknown.
Yale hopes climate change conference is groundbreaking.
Groundbreaking wheelchair athlete disqualified at state meet.
And no one will dispute that he has done groundbreaking work in his career.
Lanza's single-minded quest to usher in this new age has paid dividends in scientific insights and groundbreaking discoveries.
Films which were groundbreaking on technical terms alone become the term papers of film-studies majors.
Remakes and sequels aren't groundbreaking, generally, nor are they generally big blockbusters.
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