ground zero in a sentence

Example sentences for ground zero

Community colleges are both ground zero for retraining and a huge source of online growth.
Starting from ground zero and using basic principles that work need to be incorporated.
Papers and files removed from the concourse shops at ground zero.
They're at ground zero in the war against narco-trafficking, illegal immigration, and terrorism.
Children are at the epicenter of the information revolution, ground zero of the digital world.
Today, ground zero in the sustainable development debate is so-called renewable power.
Unfortunately, the site was ground zero for an overpopulated pack-rat colony.
Then it's about starting from a healthy ground zero and building a new character from there.
Properties in those areas--condominiums especially--have been ground zero for real estate speculation over the past five years.
Mortgage products were in many ways ground zero in the financial crisis.
Concrete bunkers to house cameras and other diagnostic equipment popped up in a rough circle around ground zero.
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