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His idea was to turn the upstairs into an apartment and use the ground floor as a garage and gym.
Ground floor condos feature brightly painted walls, beach-style decor and wicker furnishings.
Furthermore they were built on the ground floor next to the reactors.
He noticed that a back window on the ground floor was open and a plank was leaning against it.
The office and salesrooms are on the ground floor, while the rest of the building is devoted to manufacturing.
But this little one, here, is the key of the closet at the end of the great gallery on the ground floor.
The ground floor was a stable in which he quartered his mule, a cow, and a few scrawny chickens.
Its brick hulk seems deserted until night falls, when a dim yellow glow emanates from the only intact window on the ground floor.
If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of my cult development, let me know.
Especially if his bedroom is on the ground floor of a church parsonage surrounded by a forest preserve.
Buildings on designated shopping streets near the center are encouraged to house retail businesses on the ground floor.
Above all, the overlooked and frontier markets offer businesses a chance to get in on the ground floor.
Before you start feeling too sorry for yourself, spare a thought for the people who actually were there on the ground floor.
On the ground floor, a large space is given over to flower-arranging and dances at the weekend.
On the ground floor people net live fish and pick through tanks of frogs, trussed turtles and glistening chicken feet.
The chocolate shop on the ground floor beckons with all sorts of heavenly aromas.
He moved his office to a high-rise with a well-defended ground floor.
When the elevator opened on the ground floor, her killer was waiting.
The rooms are small, and a tour of the ground floor doesn't take long.
On the ground floor is the entryway, formal dining room, kitchen and breakfast room.
My rent-stabilized apartment shares an air shaft with a restaurant on the ground floor of my building.
The ground floor had an enormous swimming pool with a wave machine.
One guy on the ground floor is wearing a suit jacket adorned with flashing lights.
Plain and unadorned, the ground floor provides little hint of the splendors above.
During the project, portions of the permanent collection are relocated from the main floor to the ground floor.
Two others located within a few minutes walk, include ground floor retail.
The premises feature a total of seven en-suite guestrooms, including one suite on the ground floor for guests with disabilities.
On the ground floor, there is a restaurant and bar that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Lake views range from partial to full, and ground floor units feature garden views with outside patio access.
All rooms are on the ground floor of this motel, which features a game room and an outdoor swimming pool.
The hotel also has a business room on the ground floor, and four meeting rooms are available for booking.
All of the rooms are accessible from the ground floor.
The ground floor includes a large community room, an exercise room, a game room and a wellness center.

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