ground cover in a sentence

Example sentences for ground cover

If you're camping in a tent, remember to bring a sleeping bag, ground cover and flashlight.
With the protective ground cover gone, small creatures from frogs to songbirds disappear.
It is surrounded by ground cover and slopes slightly so water drains off.
Shrub and ground cover roses need only shaping or light shearing.
The yellow flowered ground cover is a sedum of some sort.
The hatchlings all come out at once, hurrying toward the ground cover.
Today, the mossy rain-fed ground cover glows chartreuse in the low light.
As a result, the canyon's ground cover was destroyed.
Plenty of ground cover makes this perfect devil country, home to a daily smorgasbord of wallabies and other treats.
The single best ground cover for northwest gardens, salal is a do it all plant.
Is a widely-used ground cover with large, glossy leaves, widely spaced on the stem.
The setback area shall be landscaped with trees, shrubs and ground cover.
Ground cover in a previously-burned forest area often includes two species of huckleberry.
If necessary, shrubs and ground cover may be eliminated to accommodate the charging equipment.
Its bluish-green leaves and pink flowers make this an attractive evergreen ground cover.
It is still commonly sold as an ornamental ground cover.
They tend to remain concealed beneath leaf litter, under surface objects or in dense ground cover.
The replacement of trees, shrubs, and other ground cover is not eligible.
They should be insulated on their perimeters and should have a continuous sealed ground cover such as taped polyethylene.
Q--Why would a bed of euonymus ground cover suddenly.
We never meant for this insidious ivy ground cover to have such a field day.
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