ground connection in a sentence

Example sentences for ground connection

Attach the ground connection first, then attach the other end on the materials.
Each electrical outlet box shall have a machine screw which fits into a tapped hole in the box for the ground connection.
The ground connection shall be designed and installed to remain corrosion free for the life of the equipment.
It is important not to defeat a proper ground connection.
Never rely on the trailer hitch for electrical ground connection.
The trolley will provide for a bracket to be used for the electrical cable connectors and a ground connection.
Connected to ground or to a conductive body that extends the ground connection.
Stainless steel ground connection pads shall be provided in both the high and low voltage compartments.
If a ground connection looks corroded disconnect it and clean the surface.
Access to buildings is through ground connection, utility wires or branches touching the building.
If he did receive a shock, this pipe would have served as an electrical ground connection.
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