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Complex nations were grotesquely simplified for the voters back home and the boys sent to fight abroad.
It's also true that the teaching of languages here is still grotesquely biased towards writing, instead of speaking.
Defence spending is grotesquely disproportionate to any other kind of spending the government does.
He also stuttered grotesquely, often rendered speechless by the impediment.
His grotesquely heavy performance might be borrowed from an old silent film.
They were children of parents who'd acted grotesquely, some might say violently, toward them.
Nuanced empathy can feel so grotesquely inadequate to the truth.
The press coverage of string theory until the past couple years has been grotesquely overoptimistic and one-sided.
From elbow to fingertips, all the skin on my right arm had come loose and was hanging grotesquely.
Her tiny frame was grotesquely swollen with fluid and her liver severely compromised.
Belching grotesquely as manifestation that even that overstretched stomach has had enough, but on and on goes the eater.
The screening procedures and banned items may be consistent on paper, but are grotesquely inconsistent in practice.
But in doing so, they grotesquely distorted the actuality of the war as it had been.
It is grotesquely un-true as a picture of the common condition of things.
His red wig, his coy manners, his startling gowns arc grotesquely funny.

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Our art is a way of being dazzled by truth: the light on the grotesquely grimacing retreating face is true,... more
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