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The mandate was grossly underfunded and thus could not be adequately executed.
They have been required to grossly raise tuition over the years.
Universities continue to grossly overproduce grad students in many areas, and should be reined in.
The situation at hand was easy money from a grossly lax federal student-loan system.
Often we'll find candidates who appear grossly underqualified or overqualified.
Adjuncts are often grossly underpaid, work in less than acceptable conditions, and have no job security.
If he is grossly deficient in those qualities, a sentiment the opposite of admiration will follow.
But that which in an age of good government is an evil may, in an age of grossly bad government, be a blessing.
We do not grossly outrage even our enemies, but artfully calumniate them.
The supposition is too grossly unreasonable, too monstrous, to require labored refutation.
Therefore it is the duty of the government to take care that the common people shall not be grossly ignorant.
In fact, the main problem with early steamboats was their tendency to be grossly underpowered.
There are risk to nuclear power, but they are grossly inflated.
These were extremely misguided, costly and grossly ineffective.
The grossly underestimated tsunami destroyed the world's deepest tsunami barrier and caught people by surprise.
My views have often been grossly distorted, attacked with bitterness and made to sound silly.
None of that is mentioned in this article, which simplifies the process in a grossly misleading way.
The drinking water industry is grossly undervalued in the eye of the consumer.
Also, the mirror treatment is a joke and it's efficacy in clinical trials is grossly overstated in this article.
We're breeding them to feed humans, but the process is inherently grossly inefficient.
Sometimes the difference in lengths between the arms of the cross was grossly obvious, other times it was subtle.
When are scientists going to learn that computer models are grossly inaccurate at predicting reality.
However, they grossly exaggerated the heat used by a microwave oven to defrost a pizza.
Then the ends of the tubes would be grossly different.
Skewed and limited in their perspective, they are not wrong so much as grossly uninformed.
Fishermen grossly exaggerate how good, and how bad the fishing conditions, and how big or small the catch.
The ponds were grossly inadequate to meet the needs of the dairy farm.
Existing government employees are grossly overworked in the remaining locations.
Each of these icons has its own nutritional criteria, some grossly misleading.
Given that the recession was much deeper than originally thought, that initial stimulus was grossly inadequate.
Nonetheless, the scale of the investment remains grossly inadequate.
But the chaebol do not produce consolidated accounts, so their debts are grossly understated.
The first myth is that there is overwhelming evidence that the yuan is grossly undervalued.
Even if it was, these lawmakers are grossly unqualified as monetary economists.
These include many corporate pension-plans and some state programmes set up for college savings that are grossly inefficient.
Or perhaps, as many suspected, the problem was grossly exaggerated in the first place.
Wal-Mart's critics retort that all this grossly exaggerates the satisfaction of its rank-and-file workers.
These agreements are grossly asymmetrical and closer to controlled, rather than free, trade.
It's snobby and grossly aspirational, but it's true.
It has grossly misled the public on the number of stem-cell lines available for research.
My meaning, which refers to a lesser technical point, was thus grossly distorted by this elision.
Special tribunals have been condemned as grossly unfair by human rights organizations.
Nor is it consistent with his grossly well-nurtured sense of self-interest and self-preservation.
But it also now protects the citizens of a particular state when their government fails grossly in its obligations toward them.
Such results indicate that these modifications are often grossly ineffective at preventing foreclosure.
True, the element of mutual conflict in life is often grossly overstated and the element of mutual help suppressed.
That's what happens when you ask something grossly inappropriate and then publish it in a national forum.
To attribute this to malevolent media is grossly to flatter our powers.
Far from improving security, this device grossly degrades the value of fingerprints for identification.
It is true that energy policy is grossly misdirected.
The monetary cost, grossly inflated by theft and corruption, is another matter.
Well into his adulthood, he learned that the family wealth had been grossly neglected and mismanaged.
The scale and proportion are subtly, sometimes grossly, wrong.
The accusation was incendiary: that scientists had grossly exaggerated the case for global warming by manipulating their data.
It is now widely established that polygraphs are grossly inaccurate and mostly inadmissible in court.
Even the sequences that have remained have been grossly rearranged.
Of those clones born alive, many are abnormally large or grossly deformed.
If not, your preparation for discussion of the impacts of those emails is grossly lacking.
What was unusual was that this was picked up by lots of other newspapers, but grossly misrepresented in almost all of them.
With regard to the subject incident both are grossly incompetent and borderline criminally negligent.
Grossly oversimplifying, mental illness is considered a character flaw.
Photos show epithelialization and healing of lesions, chronic ulcers and a grossly infected amputation stump.
For that task all these approaches are grossly inadequate, even when used in combination.
It might be small and insignificant, huge and grossly distorting, or anywhere in between.
Nor did he intend to even grossly estimate that number.
None of them stimulate the economy or create jobs, and they are all grossly wasteful, unlike that money-maker overseas.
Additionally, a lot of bad movies that play loose with science are guilty of grossly exaggerating things.
Both arguments are grossly unfair when used in this manner.
Now, the temperature is grossly non-uniform, hardly an advert for rising entropy.
Gas grilling is a grossly artificial formula for the feeding of indifferent crowds.
Many used vehicles have grossly inflated sticker prices so that the salesman can make a grand show about reducing the price.
So at best, buying grossly outsize life-insurance policies amounts to a macabre form of gambling.

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