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Example sentences for groping

The cadets interviewed chose to see the groping incident through the prism of that philosophy.
For extra effect, hover over their desks while they are groping for an answer.
It is little wonder, given this, that people of goodwill are groping for a safer alternative.
Searching for that answer, physicists are groping toward a quantum theory of gravity.
Without a clear framework of ideas, he was still groping in the dark.
Groping in the darkness, she grabbed her two children and rode out the torrent clinging to an uprooted tree.
The place is a tangle of lips and tongues and hands, all groping and exploring.
He could sense her groping the air as she tried to give him a kiss.
It is not about one-pointedness, but inclusion and groping toward consensus.
Scientists often turn metaphorical when groping for ways to describe their esoteric profession.
Who had groped as they were groping where dim ways were perilous.
Nations are still groping for return to stable ways.
It evoked an image of zombies, groping their way through life in an impenetrable fog.
There's software in there designed to filter out inadvertent touches, interpret gestures and anticipate what you're groping for.
Between the swearing cursing and insults, there was the groping and pushing as well.
Its two bitterly opposed wings are groping towards a unity government.
Groping in the darkness, you stumble upon a book of damp matches.

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