grooved in a sentence

Example sentences for grooved

Turquoise and red dyes are still visible inside grooved diamonds and polygons that decorate the cover.
Scorpions protect their bodies with bumpy, grooved exoskeletons.
The sharp end of the hypodermic syringe consists of a grooved tube, or stylet, flanked by two sharp knives called lancets.
Short, granite pillars line the path, grooved by a thousand trackers' ropes.
The moon's remarkably grooved surface can be seen in the pictures quite clearly.
Its barrel was spiral-grooved to give spin to its bullet, and its effective range more than doubled the musket's sixty yards.
Grooved fittings have no threading and, therefore, are not screwed.
Grooved joints must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's latest published installation instructions.

Famous quotes containing the word grooved

The stars have grooved our eyes with old persuasions Of love and hatred, birth,—surcease of nations . . .... more
But I would emphasize again that social and economic solutions, as such, will not avail to satisfy the aspirations of th... more
Arbor vitae, whose grooved bole reveals so many broken intentions ...... more
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