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Turns out that the venom's viscosity keeps it nestled in the groove.
For all their individual talents, the musicians had trouble finding a groove.
Monkeys don't care much for human music, but apparently they will groove to their own beat.
They ask us probing questions, forcing us out of the groove of our memorized speeches.
The fossil bat had a similar groove in its elbow as its modern counterpart.
Lasers cut a wake through plasma, then inject the light-speed groove with electrons.
The track also features a central groove left by the water scorpion's dragging tail, leaving indications of jerky movements.
The nerve rests in a groove called the cubital tunnel tucked behind the bony point on the elbow.
The first numeral in the correct number will begin with an inkless groove of oil and develop into a solid line.
And since muscle contraction velocity increases as sinews warm up, you can get into a groove right from the start of your workout.
Anybody who has experienced that know how it feels totally different from not being in groove.
The medicine stops the virus by fitting into a groove on its surface.
Edgerton wasn't concerned with getting his groove on, though.
Other forms included the detainee being fastened in a groove upon a table on his or her back.
Measure the width of the groove in the old fascia and its distance from the board's lower edge.
If the pulleys at the top of the window track are made of metal and their groove is large enough, chain can be used.
By comparison the rest of his set felt wan, as he cued up beats and looped rudimentary keyboard chords, improvising a groove.
Reality mining can also spot when a group is in a groove.
Yet features of its nostrils and eye socket, and a distinctive groove in its jaw mark it as a croc.
Cosmic expansion has got its groove back: once thought to be winding down, it is actually speeding up.
The crocodile has a more pointed snout than the gator, and the fourth tooth in its lower jaw sets visibly in an upper jaw groove.
Such groups are combos without a leader, individual drummers that somehow manage to groove together.
It could well be that he preformed a groove into the foam so as to obtain an accurate guideline.
There are true star shaped grains where the groove features come to a point.
There's a happy groove in this dining room filled with arty locals and people there on word-of-mouth recommendations.
Turner shows us the tool he has made from an ordinary kitchen spoon to remove the blood groove with a single swoop.
Besides being a biological psychedelic groove light, this technique can be used for useful applications.
The pace in the kitchen is always a smooth, energetic groove.
He was, in a strictly metaphorical way, the guy who played the cowbell that made the funky song groove.
You've probably heard about this test: place a penny upside down into a tread groove.
Created from polyurethane foam panels that fit together in a tongue-and-groove fashion and are then screwed together.
By making a small groove in the straw bottom, you can get a similar effect without the hook coming completely out of the straw.
It can evolve into something more once it gets its groove established.
Between it and the inferior border is a groove, the costal groove, for the intercostal vessels and nerve.
The abdominal portion of the esophagus lies in the esophageal groove on the posterior surface of the left lobe of the liver.
Running down the center of the outer surface of the upper lip is a shallow groove-the philtrum.
Along its line of attachment to the buccal epithelium is a shallow groove, the dental furrow.
The houses seemed to run themselves in the groove once laid down.

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